A picture of contrast

Brooklynn, my older dog, has three Canine Good Neighbour (Citizen) certificates from the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, and the Human Animal Bond Association of Canada. She has gone through multiple levels of obedience classes and was preparing for therapy work prior to the Ontario ban. She was a leash-free park dog for the first four years of her life (pre-ban). My now almost seven-year-old grandson lived with her for six years and they adored each other. She was the most patient and tolerant of all of us!!

These photos give you a clear picture of one of the reasons why I left Ontario.

Brooklynn (Ontario vs. BC)

2 thoughts on “A picture of contrast

  1. The Picture is worth a THOUSAND words. These wonderful dogs NOW cannot EVER run and play like the rest of the dogs. It is a bloody crime.

    Now people who want larger dogs are starting to get Mastiff’s instead.

    Was there EVER a dumber, more discriminatory law put on the books? Good thing THESE politians were not around around WWII. We would be MISSING a hellva lot of citizens if they were.

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