Ozzy: Musician, reality TV star, and now DOG BEHAVIOUR EXPERT?

Somehow, Ozzy Osbourne has morphed from bat-eating heavy metal rock star (who I thought was great) to reality TV family man to now self-appointed expert on dog breed identification and dog behaviour.

Ozzy’s opinion of “pit bulls” appears to be based on his own personal experience with one individual ENGLISH BULLDOG!!  Now, if he were from the United States, I might think that the term “bulldog” could be interpreted in some circles as “pit bull”, but in England, he’s talking about an English Bulldog.  Having occasionally watched his reality TV show, I have to feel sorry for any dog (or kid) that is trying to maintain any semblance of normality in that crazy environment.  No wonder the dog was on edge!  I would be too.

So, Ozzy has finally taken his two remaining brain cells not fried by years of drug use, rubbed them together, and THIS is what he’s come up with?

Ozzy, just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.  How about you stick to music and those of us with just a pinch of dog know-how will stick to our fields of expertise?  How’s that sound?

2 thoughts on “Ozzy: Musician, reality TV star, and now DOG BEHAVIOUR EXPERT?

  1. The website “stop the ban” is not working correctly. The link to register does not work.

    Can you put up “www.stopcanineprofiling.com?

    It leads to Cheri’s F/B support page and asks people to get involved with the political process in Ontario?

    Is there a way to send something out to the members of stop the ban asking them to support Cheri Di Novo’s Bill 222?


  2. Ozzy has always been a little mixed up when it comes to putting a sentence together never mind conveying a complete thought.
    Maybe the dog got into Ozzy’s last bit of “acid” … might explain something don’t ya think ?
    Certainly a possibility knowing what we know about this guy.

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