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Who voted and how at Bill 16 second reading

Below is a list of every MPP in the current Ontario Legislature and how they voted during the second reading of Bill 16 on February 23, 2012. Also included is their e-mail address in case you’d like to let them know who you feel about their vote (or lack of). Don’t forget to thank the ones that deserve it!

ABS = Absent/Abstained
AYE = Voted in favour of Bill 16 (i.e., to abolish the pit bull ban)
NAY = Voted against Bill 16 (i.e., wants to keep the pit bull ban)

LIB = Ontario Liberal Party
PC = Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
NDP = New Democratic Party of Ontario

If you would like an Excel version of this list, it’s available at


Feb 23 Votee Party MPP Name E-mail
ABS LIB Ms. Laura Albanese
ABS LIB Mr. Bas Balkissoon
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Rick Bartolucci
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Christopher Bentley
ABS LIB Hon Ms. Margarett R. Best
ABS LIB Hon Ms. Laurel C. Broten
ABS LIB Ms. Donna H. Cansfield
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Michael Chan
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Bob Chiarelli
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Dwight Duncan
ABS LIB Hon Mr. John Gerretsen
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Michael Gravelle
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Eric Hoskins
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Dave Levac 
ABS LIB Hon Ms. Deborah Matthews
ABS LIB Mr. Bill Mauro
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Dalton McGuinty
ABS LIB Mr. Phil McNeely 
ABS LIB Hon Ms. Madeleine Meilleur
ABS LIB Hon Mr. John Milloy
ABS LIB Mr. David Orazietti
ABS LIB Ms. Liz Sandals
ABS LIB Mr. Greg Sorbara 
ABS LIB Hon Mr. Harinder S. Takhar
ABS NDP Ms. France Gélinas
ABS PC Ms. Lisa MacLeod 
ABS PC Mr. Norm Miller
ABS PC Mr. Randy Pettapiece 
ABS PC Ms. Elizabeth Witmer 
ABS PC Mr. John Yakabuski
AYE LIB Mr. Mike Colle
AYE LIB Mr. Grant Crack
AYE LIB Mr. Kim Craitor
AYE NDP Ms. Teresa J. Armstrong
AYE NDP Mr. Gilles Bisson
AYE NDP Ms. Sarah Campbell
AYE NDP Ms. Cheri DiNovo 
AYE NDP Ms. Cindy Forster 
AYE NDP Ms. Andrea Horwath 
AYE NDP Mr. Michael Mantha 
AYE NDP Mr. Rosario Marchese 
AYE NDP Mr. Paul Miller 
AYE NDP Mr. Taras Natyshak 
AYE NDP Mr. Michael Prue
AYE NDP Mr. Jonah Schein
AYE NDP Mr. Jagmeet Singh
AYE NDP Mr. Peter Tabuns 
AYE NDP Ms. Monique Taylor
AYE NDP Mr. John Vanthof 
AYE PC Mr. Ted Arnott 
AYE PC Mr. Robert Bailey
AYE PC Mr. Toby Barrett 
AYE PC Mr. Ted Chudleigh 
AYE PC Mr. Steve Clark 
AYE PC Mr. Garfield Dunlop 
AYE PC Ms. Christine Elliott 
AYE PC Mr. Victor Fedeli
AYE PC Mr. Ernie Hardeman 
AYE PC Mr. Michael Harris 
AYE PC Mr. Randy Hillier
AYE PC Mr. Tim Hudak
AYE PC Mr. Rod Jackson 
AYE PC Ms. Sylvia Jones 
AYE PC Mr. Frank Klees
AYE PC Mr. Rob Leone 
AYE PC Mr. Jack MacLaren 
AYE PC Mr. Jim McDonell
AYE PC Ms. Jane McKenna 
AYE PC Mr. Monte McNaughton
AYE PC Mr. Rob E. Milligan
AYE PC Ms. Julia Munro 
AYE PC Mr. Rick Nicholls 
AYE PC Mr. John O’Toole
AYE PC Mr. Jerry J. Ouellette
AYE PC Ms. Laurie Scott 
AYE PC Mr. Peter Shurman 
AYE PC Mr. Todd Smith 
AYE PC Ms. Lisa M. Thompson 
AYE PC Mr. Bill Walker
AYE PC Mr. Jim Wilson 
AYE PC Mr. Jeff Yurek 
NAY LIB Mr. Lorenzo Berardinetti 
NAY LIB Hon Mr. James J. Bradley
NAY LIB Mr. Michael Coteau
NAY LIB Ms. Dipika Damerla
NAY LIB Mr. Bob Delaney
NAY LIB Mr. Vic Dhillon
NAY LIB Mr. Joe Dickson
NAY LIB Hon Mr. Brad Duguid
NAY LIB Mr. Kevin Daniel Flynn
NAY LIB Ms. Helena Jaczek
NAY LIB Hon Ms. Linda Jeffrey
NAY LIB Mr. Monte Kwinter
NAY LIB Mr. Jeff Leal
NAY LIB Ms. Tracy MacCharles
NAY LIB Ms. Amrit Mangat
NAY LIB Hon Mr. Ted McMeekin
NAY LIB Ms. Reza Moridi
NAY LIB Hon Mr. Glen R. Murray
NAY LIB Mr. Yasir Naqvi
NAY LIB Ms. Teresa Piruzza
NAY LIB Mr. Shafiq Qaadri
NAY LIB Mr. Mario Sergio
NAY LIB Hon Mr. Charles Sousa
NAY LIB Ms. Soo Wong
NAY LIB Hon Ms. Kathleen O. Wynne
NAY LIB Mr. David Zimmer

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5 Responses to “Who voted and how at Bill 16 second reading”

  1. Debbie Black said:

    Thanks Steve! By the Way, how come no link to the “Pit Bull” co-op LOL?

  2. Russ said:

    Only a Nay list for the lib’s? No PC or NDP?

  3. Steve Barker said:

    Russ, if you count up the total number of MPP’s listed (including the absentees), there are 107, which is the number of seats in the House.

    All MPP’s are accounted for. Not a single PC or NDP voted Nay.

  4. Dominique Giroux said:

    I would like to see the Pro’s and con’s that were presentend that day or any other day for all the MMP’S descision.a pit bull is not a pure breed so why band and put thoses dogs a side and neglect them for something that owners are responsible for a dog needs to be trainned to fight and hurt. No dog is born with fighting it needs to be teached that way. Also no dogs have lock jaw.this law needs to be represented at some point it’s not fair to theses hopepless animals.ex: a golden retriever familly dog so they say turned and attack a miniture collie then whent on the owner it don’t matter what breed what size of dog it’s all the owners trainning .

  5. Is your candidate in favour of killing innocent dogs? | Cage said:

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