Vick signs with Nike

According to Michael Vick’s agent, the NFL player has re-signed an endorsement contract with Nike, two years after they dropped him for his involvement in dog fighting.

HSUS killing dogs again!

You’d think that, after the Michael Vick debacle, the so-called “Humane” Society of the United States might reconsider their blanket belief that all dogs seized from dogfighters should be killed. Well, apparently not!

Sad, angry, and frustrated

The pit bull puppy in my earlier story Animal cruelty and the Ontario government is now on her way to be cremated. She died this morning at the vet’s office.

Woo Hoo!

Not much leaves me speechless, but this story at CNN sure did. Based on the history of cases like this in the U.S., I was not expecting a positive outcome for the dogs.Most of Vick’s dogs will go to families and a ‘sanctuary’ Thanks to…

Miakoda’s dead

I received this letter today from East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Please read and act. Miakoda’s dead. My baby. My pride & joy. Cole’s best friend…….is dead. All because of some irresponsible *******. I’ll got into more detail later, but what happened was the temp outside…

The death of the mixed breed dog

There was a time when, if asked, I would have said that only licensed, ethical breeders of registered, purebred dogs should be allowed to breed, in order to eliminate backyard breeding and puppy milling. As with most absolutes, I have gradually been forced to re-examine…

Ontario residents: Bill 232 – not bad, needs some work

Bob (Robert) Runciman, the House Leader for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, has introduced Bill 232 in the Ontario legislature. It contains amendments to the Ontario SPCA Act regarding cruelty to dogs and cats to allow the courts to impose jail terms up to…