No animal cruelty charges?

An emaciated pit bull and her eight neglected puppies, whose teenage owners advertised them for sale on, are recovering at the Nanaimo SPCA. No charges are expected to be filed.

Welcome to Tom Skeldon’s nightmare!!

A puppy Monday escaped an almost certain death at the Lucas County Dog Warden’s Office and is now in the care of an animal rescue group after a rare transfer of a “pit bull”-type dog out of the county’s pound. Under traditional circumstances, the puppy could have soon faced euthanasia under Dog Warden Tom Skeldon’s longstanding policy against adopting or transferring out any “pit bulls” from the pound. Once a “pit bull” dog reaches 3 months of age, there are no restrictions against Mr. Skeldon’s practice of killing all adult “pit bulls” regardless of behavior.

The story of Maddie, Carter, and Capone

UPDATE Sept 21 2009: All three dogs have been determined to not be “pit bulls” and have been released to their owners.

ORIGINAL STORY September 19 2009: The Dog Legislation Council has been dealing with an issue that, up until yesterday, was kept under the radar in the hopes that things could be worked out amicably between the dogs’ owners and Sarnia Animal Control. Since the story hit the local newspaper yesterday, September 18, I feel it’s necessary to let everyone know what’s going on.

Detailed version of Antonia’s column

Further to my entry about Antonia Zerbisias’ column in the Toronto Star, her blog has the same text, but with all the links to various stories kept intact. Makes for a more interesting read. Facebook users, click “View Original Post”.

Bryant and bike courier a class issue

Antonia Zerbisias, columnist for the Toronto Star, focuses on the stark contrast between the public “spin” afforded Bryant (thanks largely to his public relations firm) and the virtual demonization of Sheppard by the same mainstream media outlets.

Kudos to Nackawic! No more BSL!

Congratulations to Nackawic town council for listening to your dog owners! There are plenty of other places in this country that could learn a thing or two from you.