In case anyone was wondering?

In 2005, a lady wrote to then Ontario Minister of Tourism, Jim Bradley, to find out if she could drive through Ontario with her dogs to get from Saskatchewan to Nova Scotia. This was his reply.

Complicit in their own diminishment

In case you were wondering how anybody could persuade 70+ intelligent, rational, elected government representatives to define a dog as dangerous based only on they way it looks, here’s a Toronto Star article explaining how.

Welcome to Tom Skeldon’s nightmare!!

A puppy Monday escaped an almost certain death at the Lucas County Dog Warden’s Office and is now in the care of an animal rescue group after a rare transfer of a “pit bull”-type dog out of the county’s pound. Under traditional circumstances, the puppy could have soon faced euthanasia under Dog Warden Tom Skeldon’s longstanding policy against adopting or transferring out any “pit bulls” from the pound. Once a “pit bull” dog reaches 3 months of age, there are no restrictions against Mr. Skeldon’s practice of killing all adult “pit bulls” regardless of behavior.

Another tin-pot dictatorship I’ll never visit!!

Neguac, New Brunswick (Canada), has passed a bylaw banning “pit bulls”. The town has NOT included a grandfather clause, which means that all existing dogs that fall under their definition must leave the town immediately or be confiscated.

Detailed version of Antonia’s column

Further to my entry about Antonia Zerbisias’ column in the Toronto Star, her blog has the same text, but with all the links to various stories kept intact. Makes for a more interesting read. Facebook users, click “View Original Post”.

Bryant and bike courier a class issue

Antonia Zerbisias, columnist for the Toronto Star, focuses on the stark contrast between the public “spin” afforded Bryant (thanks largely to his public relations firm) and the virtual demonization of Sheppard by the same mainstream media outlets.