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Toronto’s real dog bite data

Back in October 2014, a Toronto Star reporter wrote an article suggesting that Toronto Animal Service's dog bite statistics proved that Ontario's "pit bull" ban was working because the number of bites by "pit [...]

Ten years since the idea of an Ontario ban, nine years of its reality

Ten years ago today, on August 29, 2004, a dog bite incident in downtown Toronto set the wheels in motion for Ontario's "pit bull" ban, which was passed six months later and became effective exactly one year [...]

Wasn’t a “pit bull”? Guess we won’t freak out then!

For those of you who still don't believe that "pit bull" bites are treated differently by the media, here's a local Ontario example. On the morning of June 19, a two-year-old child (gender unspecified) was [...]

Where does your money go when you donate to HSUS?

According to its own 2011 tax return, The Humane Society of the United States received donations of $122 million for the year and used $38 million or 31% on salaries, compensation, and employee benefits with [...]

The true cost of breed-specific legislation

For those of you who think breed-specific legislation is only about forcing irresponsible owners to control their dogs, read this article from the UK. These are the people that are targeted by these [...]

Witch! Witch!

Earlier this year, I introduced someone to the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". When we got to the Witch scene, I was struck by the similarities between a "witch hunt" and a "pit bull hunt". I know it [...]

Is my dog a “pit bull” in Ontario?

Today, a member of one of the Internet groups that I'm on asked if a certain mix of dog has to be muzzled in Ontario. The mix was apparently of two breeds, one a bully-type breed (not specifically listed in [...]

Bill 16 clause-by-clause: surprising events

So I'm going to try to explain what happened in Ontario on May 9, 2012, in the clause-by-clause session of the Bill 16 committee and what it means for the future. First, a quick overview of what happens to [...]

Bad news from Florida

Discouraging news from Florida today. Looks like SB (Senate Bill) 1322,which would have repealed the Miami-Dade breed ban, has been stalled and perhaps even killed at the subcommittee level. More info at [...]

Teenagers are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

OK, no offence to teenagers. I actually like most of them. But I really enjoyed Pound Dog's satirical look at the Toronto Star's "pit bulls are dangerous" editorial. Just in case you think you've arrived at [...]

Pit bulls are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

Bet that got your attention! Okay, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm way too tired to write intelligently, so I'll keep this short although, as you'll see below, I have problems keeping things short! On [...]

New Brunswick: Provincial housing tenants have ONE WEEK to get rid of pets!

The government of New Brunswick has decided to start enforcing a law that prohibits tenants of provincial housing from owning pets, even though many of these tenants have had their animals for years. They have [...]

Dog killed by police in La Grange, Missouri, after being captured

WARNING! The following video clearly shows a dog being shot and killed by a police officer. Do not watch this video if you would prefer not to see this graphic content. For those of you who do not want to [...]

City of Brampton hires an outside lawyer

The city of Brampton has hired an outside lawyer to continue to persecute the owners of docile family pets, including a 75-year-old lady on a pension.   Original story here: [...]

Unbelievable misuse of taxpayers’ money

I have to say, I cannot recall ever seeing a city do this before.  The City of Brampton has taken out a full-page ad in their local newspaper in order to "defend" their employees' actions in [...]

Can’t travel through Winnipeg with my dog, either!

My previous post about travelling through Ontario with your dogs came about as a result of someone who wants to move from the West Coast to Nova Scotia and would like to drive there.  Obviously, unless [...]

In case anyone was wondering?

Had to look up this old letter for a friend. Decided to post it here as well. In 2005, a lady wrote to then Ontario Minister of Tourism, Jim Bradley, to find out if she could drive through Ontario with her [...]

News articles about Brampton dogs and letters to the editors

Here are all the news stories I can find about the two dogs seized in Brampton. I have also included info for writing letters to the editors of the major Toronto and national newspapers, as well as the [...]

Two boxer-crosses seized as "pit bulls" in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario, has really put their foot in it this time!  These are two more cases that really need both media and public attention, ASAP. Please read the story and then write letters to the mayor and [...]

Complicit in their own diminishment

In case you were wondering how anybody could persuade 70+ intelligent, rational, elected government representatives to define a dog as dangerous based only on they way it looks, here's a Toronto Star article [...]