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“Pit Bull” ban triggers Montreal tourism boycott

BrooklynnBC_LG   On August 21, 2016, the DLCC issued a press release about the Montreal boycott. Here is the text of that release in English and French. Following that is the petition itself. If you want to sign [...]

Toronto’s real dog bite data

Back in October 2014, a Toronto Star reporter wrote an article suggesting that Toronto Animal Service's dog bite statistics proved that Ontario's "pit bull" ban was working because the number of bites by "pit [...]

Ten years since the idea of an Ontario ban, nine years of its reality

Ten years ago today, on August 29, 2004, a dog bite incident in downtown Toronto set the wheels in motion for Ontario's "pit bull" ban, which was passed six months later and became effective exactly one year [...]

Wasn’t a “pit bull”? Guess we won’t freak out then!

For those of you who still don't believe that "pit bull" bites are treated differently by the media, here's a local Ontario example. On the morning of June 19, a two-year-old child (gender unspecified) was [...]

Where does your money go when you donate to HSUS?

According to its own 2011 tax return, The Humane Society of the United States received donations of $122 million for the year and used $38 million or 31% on salaries, compensation, and employee benefits with [...]

The true cost of breed-specific legislation

For those of you who think breed-specific legislation is only about forcing irresponsible owners to control their dogs, read this article from the UK. These are the people that are targeted by these [...]

Witch! Witch!

Earlier this year, I introduced someone to the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". When we got to the Witch scene, I was struck by the similarities between a "witch hunt" and a "pit bull hunt". I know it [...]

Is my dog a “pit bull” in Ontario?

Today, a member of one of the Internet groups that I'm on asked if a certain mix of dog has to be muzzled in Ontario. The mix was apparently of two breeds, one a bully-type breed (not specifically listed in [...]

Bill 16 clause-by-clause: surprising events

So I'm going to try to explain what happened in Ontario on May 9, 2012, in the clause-by-clause session of the Bill 16 committee and what it means for the future. First, a quick overview of what happens to [...]

Bad news from Florida

Discouraging news from Florida today. Looks like SB (Senate Bill) 1322,which would have repealed the Miami-Dade breed ban, has been stalled and perhaps even killed at the subcommittee level. More info at [...]

Teenagers are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

OK, no offence to teenagers. I actually like most of them. But I really enjoyed Pound Dog's satirical look at the Toronto Star's "pit bulls are dangerous" editorial. Just in case you think you've arrived at [...]

Pit bulls are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

Bet that got your attention! Okay, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm way too tired to write intelligently, so I'll keep this short although, as you'll see below, I have problems keeping things short! On [...]

New Brunswick: Provincial housing tenants have ONE WEEK to get rid of pets!

The government of New Brunswick has decided to start enforcing a law that prohibits tenants of provincial housing from owning pets, even though many of these tenants have had their animals for years. They have [...]

Dog killed by police in La Grange, Missouri, after being captured

WARNING! The following video clearly shows a dog being shot and killed by a police officer. Do not watch this video if you would prefer not to see this graphic content. For those of you who do not want to [...]

City of Brampton hires an outside lawyer

The city of Brampton has hired an outside lawyer to continue to persecute the owners of docile family pets, including a 75-year-old lady on a pension.   Original story here: [...]

Unbelievable misuse of taxpayers’ money

I have to say, I cannot recall ever seeing a city do this before.  The City of Brampton has taken out a full-page ad in their local newspaper in order to "defend" their employees' actions in [...]

Can’t travel through Winnipeg with my dog, either!

My previous post about travelling through Ontario with your dogs came about as a result of someone who wants to move from the West Coast to Nova Scotia and would like to drive there.  Obviously, unless [...]

In case anyone was wondering?

Had to look up this old letter for a friend. Decided to post it here as well. In 2005, a lady wrote to then Ontario Minister of Tourism, Jim Bradley, to find out if she could drive through Ontario with her [...]

News articles about Brampton dogs and letters to the editors

Here are all the news stories I can find about the two dogs seized in Brampton. I have also included info for writing letters to the editors of the major Toronto and national newspapers, as well as the [...]

Two boxer-crosses seized as "pit bulls" in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario, has really put their foot in it this time!  These are two more cases that really need both media and public attention, ASAP. Please read the story and then write letters to the mayor and [...]

Complicit in their own diminishment

In case you were wondering how anybody could persuade 70+ intelligent, rational, elected government representatives to define a dog as dangerous based only on they way it looks, here's a Toronto Star article [...]

Kitchener-Waterloo pit bull committee meeting minutes 1997

I saw a discussion about pit bull myths on Facebook and it reminded me of some documents I have from government meetings regarding the city of Kitchener, Ontario. In November 1996, Mr. Gary Leadston, an MPP [...]

Journalist with good news story ends on a sour note

Some good news out of Ontario for two condemned young dogs.  They've been shipped to the SPCA in Fredericton, New Brunswick, who hopes to adopt them out in that province. Had they stayed in Ontario, they [...]

British Columbia: Langley City pet shop dogged by parvo virus

Former employees of Doggie World have written letters and provided pictures to the SPCA, citing evidence of neglect of care for the puppies, including large breed dogs like bull mastiffs which spent all their [...]

Another dictatorship town in Canada

Carstairs, Alberta, has a dog bylaw that restricts three "breeds".  One isn't a breed at all and the other two are misspelled! They've also added the usual catch-all phrase as well, but this [...]

Ozzy: Musician, reality TV star, and now DOG BEHAVIOUR EXPERT?

Somehow, Ozzy Osbourne has morphed from bat-eating heavy metal rock star (who I thought was great) to reality TV family man to now self-appointed expert on dog breed identification and dog behaviour. Ozzy's [...]

Humane Society of United States – 2008 Tax Filing

Adding up the totals from HSUS' 2008 tax filing reveals that the "charity" spent $450,000 (just HALF of ONE percent of its total budget) in grants to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and [...]

Animal Rights reviewed (again)

I was in a bookstore yesterday browsing the pet section and came across Ingrid Newkirk's book "The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights".  For those of you who haven't heard her name, Newkirk is a co-founder [...]

Eagles name Michael Vick their Ed Block Courage Award recipient!!

The Philadelphia Eagles have named Michael Vick their Ed Block Courage Award recipient! According to the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation's website, the recipient of the award exemplifies commitments to the [...]

Facebook group "Boycott Nike"

Message from the owner of the Facebook group "Boycott Nike": "I want to remind everyone NOT to buy Nike during this holiday season. They continue to supply Michael Vick with free product but [...]

Stop Viacom and BET from airing "The Michael Vick Project"

Message from Andrew Kirschner from the group "Stop Viacom and BET from airing The Michael Vick Project": I spoke with a representative from Viacom this week who confirmed that BET will be airing [...]

No animal cruelty charges?

NANAIMO – An emaciated pit bull and her eight neglected puppies, whose teenage owners advertised them for sale on, are recovering at the Nanaimo SPCA. Some of the underweight, dirty and [...]

My letter to CBS about David Letterman

I sent a letter to CBS about David Letterman slamming pit bulls.  Not that I hope to get past the first level of their screening machine, but who knows? December 17, 2009 Dear CBS, Anytime David [...]

David Letterman slams pit bulls

Kyra Sedgwick was on David Letterman on December 11 and mentioned the pit bull puppy that she and husband Kevin Bacon have adopted.  Letterman then proceeded to "joke in all earnestness" about [...]

What if the Denver "pit bull" tribunal is wrong?

Here's a great article about Dexter, a dog originally determined to be a "pit bull" by Denver's "Pit Bull Evaluation Team".  In what amounts to an appeal process, a Denver hearing [...]

Letter to NIKE

Here is a letter sent to Nike by a friend.  I'd like to see the company's response! ----- Start of letter ----- October 2, 2009 Dear Nike, Congratulations on your decision to support Michael Vick by [...]

Dead dogs from Denver

WARNING!  The following links contain pictures of dead dogs, dogs that have died as a direct result of Denver’s ban on "pit bulls". Here is the note sent with the pictures.  I don’t want to name the [...]

Another tin-pot dictatorship I’ll never visit!!

Neguac, New Brunswick (Canada), has passed a bylaw banning “pit bulls”. Unlike most other misguided municipalities that decide to follow the “quick fix” of breed-specific legislation, Neguac has NOT [...]

Bye Bye Nike!

Further to my previous posts about Michael Vick and Nike, one in which I reported that Nike had signed Vick as an endorser and the other in which Nike denied any contract with Vick, I have now confirmed [...]

Nike denies contract with Vick

Nike is denying that they have a contract with Michael Vick. Says they "supplied product" to him. Looks like they might be backing off.  As one commenter put it, sounds like a big-mouthed agent may have blown [...]

Vick signs with Nike

According to Michael Vick’s agent, the NFL player has re-signed an endorsement contract with Nike, two years after they dropped him for his involvement in dog fighting. I will be contacting Nike to let them [...]

The origin of breed-specific legislation

This video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while (well, at least the first four minutes): Thanks to Caveat, and Wag the [...]

The story of Maddie, Carter, and Capone

UPDATE Sept 21 2009: All three dogs have been determined to not be "pit bulls" and have been released to their owners.  See my update here. ORIGINAL STORY September 19 2009: The Dog Legislation Council [...]

I like this lady!

I’ve written about Nackawic, New Brunswick, and their breed-specific legislation here and here.  One of their local doctors, Dr. Maryann Bramstrup, is standing up for her dog and her rights as a [...]

Another article about Nackawic

Nice little firestorm for such a small town.  Here’s another article about their anti-pit bull anti-Rottweiler anti-mixed breed bylaw that’s been on the books since at least 2003, but is only being [...]

At least they’re saying “maybe”

Nackawic is a small New Brunswick town just west of Fredericton.  Already has breed specific legislation against "pit bull terriers", Rottweilers, and any mixed-breed dogs of those types. Town has just [...]

Best Ginger story to-date

Thanks to Antonia for pointing me to this Toronto Star story which I consider to be much fairer and more accurate than the [...]

More Ginger stories

Seems to me that newspaper journalists (?) / reporters (?) don't do their own investigations anymore or write their own original fresh copy.  They just copy/paste from the newswires. None of these stories [...]

The killing of puppy 43063: Nathan J Winograd

Nathan Winograd has a very sharply and bluntly written piece about shelters that kill based on [...]

City of Toronto granted appeal in Ginger’s case

Unfortunately, the city of Toronto has been granted the right to appeal Ginger's release and the dropping of charges against her owner. Here's the quick story from National [...]

Ginger: Finally free or continuing saga?

Ginger was in a Toronto animal services kennel for three and a half years, accused of aggression after defending herself against an unprovoked attack by an off-leash dog.  She was freed a week ago after a [...]

More Animal Rights quotes

I forgot a few quotes at the bottom of the previous article, so here they are.  “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them [...]

Dog owners: Please stop promoting HSUS on Facebook!

Note to pet owners: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) do not care about you or your pet. In fact, the stated objectives of both [...]

HSUS killing dogs again!

You'd think that, after their Michael Vick debacle, the so-called "Humane" Society of the United States might have reconsidered their blanket belief that all dogs seized from dogfighters should be [...]

What’s it really like in Ontario?

I originally wrote this article on the two year anniversary of the Ontario legislation, so that's about a year and a half ago.  Considering our fundraising efforts to get to the Supreme Court of Canada, I [...]

How much is your dog worth?

*** PLEASE CROSSPOST *** How much is your dog worth? How much would you give to keep your dog as part of your family? How about ONE DOLLAR? What appeared, on the surface, to be a "pit bull" issue [...]

Animal cruelty and the Ontario government

I am hesitant to write this article because the dog in question appears to be of the "pit bull" type. I appreciate the sympathy that such stories generate. I am also aware that this type of incident might [...]

Summary of Ontario committee presenters

Caveat's earlier article quoting from the Bill 132 clause-by-clause committee meeting encouraged me to go back and look at some of the data I collected during that time.Here's a summary of what types of people [...]

Their minds were made up!

If you want proof that the mind of the Ontario government was made up BEFORE the Bill 132 committee hearings, you need look no further than these comments by Conservative MPP Joe Tascona and NDP MPP Peter [...]

An illogical leap

Craig McInnes of the Vancouver Sun wrote this article in September which initially appeared to lament the dangers of loose dogs to children.The basic premise of the first third of his story, and certainly the [...]


As the clock clicked over to 12:00 AM, October 11, I found myself sitting in front of the TV, watching the final numbers roll in from the Ontario election. Probably the worst birthday present I've received in [...]


Once upon a time, in a province called Ontario, a man named Dalton McGuinty wanted to become premier so badly that he made many promises. He said he would not raise taxes. He promised to close the dirty [...]

Comments about Lucky the Lab

I posted an earlier article about Lucky the Labrador Retriever, whose destruction was requested by the city of Thornhill after he was identified as a "pit bull".Well, over at Wag the Dog, where the same [...]

Labrador Retriever owner charged with owning a "pit bull"

One of my own biggest frustrations over the past few years has been how difficult it has been to gather dog owners of ALL breeds together. Together, we're one of the largest demographics in the country and, [...]

Ontario: There’s no place like this!

I'm one of the lucky ones (I guess).I've already decided that my dogs could be identified as "pit bulls" by Animal Control officers in Ontario, I've been on television, on radio, in the newspapers, and out at [...]

State of the Province

** PLEASE SEND THIS TO EVERY ONTARIO DOG OWNER YOU KNOW! **Preferably, you will send them the link to this article, but this is important enough that, if you need to copy/paste the text, feel free.The direct [...]

Most politicians don’t know why dogs bite

I recognize that some people encourage human aggression in their dogs, including training them to intimidate or attack people.I recognize that some people encourage dog aggression in their dogs, including [...]

Finally Ontario’s Attorney General is forced to come clean

Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, finally revealed the costs to taxpayers of fighting parents of autistic children for the past seven years, but only after an Ontario Superior Court decision forced [...]

Welsh Corgi mix identified as "pit bull" and destroyed

My apologies in advance to the Peterborough Examiner. I'm copying the full text of this article from their online newspaper. Unfortunately, these stories have a habit of disappearing into the "archives" and [...]


393 University Avenue in downtown Toronto.Courtroom 904 - June 28 10:00 AMBetween Queen and Dundas on University Avenue.If you're taking the TTC, it's on the University/Spadina subway line between Osgoode [...]

Save lives – ban murder, alcohol, cars, suicide, and tobacco!

Today, I was outside having a cigarette (nasty habit, by the way) and reading my cigarette pack.According to the statistics on the package (from Health Canada), tobacco kills almost five times as many people [...]

Not "pit bulls"? Not interested!

Since I've been involved in dog legislation issues, I have seen many newspaper articles and TV stories about "pit bulls". They range from ridiculous to horrifying and everything in between.I have seen [...]

I knew these guys were bad, but this is ridiculous!

I became a reluctant political activist, specifically targeting the ruling Ontario Liberal party, because of their arrogance, because of their insolence, because of their false and misleading public [...]

Air Canada replies but doesn’t say much

Here is Air Canada's reply to my recent letter. Another example of "economics" trumping customer service. What about MY customer service?Response (Debbie Mcammond) - 06/22/2007 01:19 PMDear Mr. Barker,Thank [...]

Air Canada – fly a whole new way (petless)

Further to my previous story about Air Canada, here's my letter to them.Interestingly, after I sent them the letter, I received an automated response stating that I should receive a detailed reply within 15 [...]

Guess who I’m not flying with any more?

Air Canada will no longer carry pets on passenger flights as of July 15, 2007. According to their spokesperson, it's about "customer service" - giving non-pet-owning passengers more room for personal [...]

Killing puppies because they can

Further to my earlier story regarding the confiscated mother and puppies in Sarnia. The following letter was issued today by the president of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. Permission was given to [...]

Sarnia and "pit bulls": city on shaky legal ground

There's a little thing going on in Sarnia, Ontario, this week that illustrates some serious problems with cities being far too eager to apply the vague, unenforceable, and unconstitutional Dog Owners' [...]

The death of the mixed breed dog

There was a time when, if asked, I would have said that only licensed, ethical breeders of registered, purebred dogs should be allowed to breed, in order to eliminate backyard breeding and puppy milling. As [...]

No pets please, we’re PETA(ish)!!

I know some readers are having trouble wrapping their minds around the possibility that various animal rights organizations are not only anti-breeding, but can also be anti-<place breed name here>, [...]

How much public money has been wasted on the Ontario dog ownership ban?

How much public money has been wasted on the Ontario dog ownership ban?We are asking EVERY ONTARIO RESIDENT to contact their MPP and ask them how to file a Freedom of Information request with the Ministry of [...]

Voting without knowledge or understanding

Don't know how I missed this before.The Ontario committee hearings on the Dog Owners' Liability Act were a constant flow of politicians (members of provincial parliament), with no one day containing the same [...]

Guilty by association

DiscriminationIntimidationIsolationVilificationThese are but a few of the many experiences that some, if not most, owners of certain types of dogs must endure on a regular and frequent basis.As a direct result [...]

Fantino on irresponsible driving

Julian Fantino, current Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner (chief), former Toronto Police chief, former Ontario Commissioner of Emergency Management, and key supporter of Ontario's pit bull ban during that [...]

Advice from an expert

Every morning, a quotation pops up on my computer. I was particularly struck by today's."What luck for rulers that men do not think."The speaker was Adolf Hitler.As 2006 ends, I and many others have spent the [...]

Front Groups

I received a comment from Anonymous about my previous post, PETA Kills Animals!, stating that "the Center for Consumer Freedom is a front organization...(with) almost zero credibility".I do not dispute this. [...]

Bryant is bankrupting Ontario’s Legal Aid system

According to Legal Aid Ontario, grandiose "mega-trials" designed by Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, are bankrupting the Legal Aid system, which can now no longer afford to provide assistance to [...]

PETA Kills Animals!

It's been almost a month since my last post. To make up for that, I'll quote an article that's over nine months old.The Center for Consumer Freedom has been a consistent critic of extremist animal rights [...]

Muzzle ALL dogs, again?

I wrote an article a while ago in response to a columnist's suggestion to muzzle all dogs over 40 pounds. Now we have a contributor in the Toronto Sun suggesting to muzzle all dogs, period. Most dog bites [...]

Muzzle ALL Dogs?

At first glance, this article by Roger LeBlanc in the Guelph Mercury appears to be positive, especially when read by "pit bull" owners who have been the sole target of the Ontario government's breed-specific [...]