Witch! Witch!

Earlier this year, I introduced someone to the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. When we got to the Witch scene, I was struck by the similarities between a “witch hunt” and a “pit bull hunt”.

Is my dog a “pit bull” in Ontario?

Today, a member of one of the Internet groups that I’m on asked if a certain mix of dog has to be muzzled in Ontario. Here’s my answer. I would like to say “to avoid confusion”, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be true.

The media’s role in breed-specific legislation

I originally wrote this article in August 2006. I’m reposting it after my radio interview today because the whole process of preparing for the interview has revived some of my thoughts on the role of media in breed-specific legislation.


Statistics correction to my Toronto Star letter

I have a minor correction to the Canadian “death by dog” statistics that I quoted in my letter to the Toronto Star. The actual numbers are very similar, but I feel I should give you the exact statistics instead of my prior guesses.

Bad news from Florida

Discouraging news from Florida today. Looks like SB (Senate Bill) 1322,which would have repealed the Miami-Dade breed ban, has been stalled and perhaps even killed at the subcommittee level.