Dog Owners’ Liability Act of Ontario (2005) Information Sheet

Consolidated plain language interpretation of Ontario’s amended Dog Owners’ Liability Act (2005), courtesy of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.

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Information in these documents is intended to provide the reader with a summary of the key elements of the legislation for ease of reading. It should not be construed as authoritative or as legal advice. For a more thorough analysis of the legislation, please contact a lawyer. Information in this document is the copyrighted property of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. All rights reserved. These documents may be distributed, without alteration of any kind, for the purpose of informing interested parties. Any errors or omissions are unintentional. The Dog Legislation Council of Canada recognizes that the word “pit bull” is often used and misused to apply to many purebred and mixed-breed dogs with varying appearances. Any use of the word “pit bull” by the authors is limited to these documents and is used only for the purpose of referring to dogs that may fall under the government’s definition in the Dog Owners’ Liability Act, its regulations, and the Animals for Research Act. This does not mean that the authors believe there is any such breed as “pit bull” or that any dog can be identified as such.

One thought on “Dog Owners’ Liability Act of Ontario (2005) Information Sheet

  1. What a nightmare, having to put to death a beloveded family pet based on a witch hunt law – a ban on “Pit Bull” or any dog that even looks like one. We are living the nightmare right now. Waiting to see what the judge decides. Our neighbors dogs were inside their fenced in yard barking. Our dogs heard them, ran next door and stood on the outside of fence to bark back. We are being charged with dogs running at large and attacking her dogs. The officer took pictures and said our dogs “look” like pitbulls. God help us! I can’t stop crying, and I can’t sleep. Im so worried and heartsick.

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