Letter to Montréal city councillors

September 23, 2016 City councillors Montréal, Québec Dear Sir/Madam: In June of this year, the Dog Legislation Council of Canada offered assistance and experience to Mayor Coderre in drafting an effective animal control bylaw. Three months later, we find ourselves in the same position again - offering help and hoping for a reasonable and personal [...]

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Letter to Montréal city councillors

September 23, 2016 City councillors Montréal, Québec Dear Sir/Madam: In June of this year, the Dog Legislation Council of Canada offered assistance and experience to Mayor Coderre in drafting an [...]

“Pit Bull” ban triggers Montreal tourism boycott

BrooklynnBC_LG   On August 21, 2016, the DLCC issued a press release about the Montreal boycott. Here is the text of that release in English and French. Following that is the petition itself. If you want to sign [...]

Dog Bite Related Fatalities in Canada (expired)

This list has been updated and converted to a permanent page [...]

Toronto’s real dog bite data

Back in October 2014, a Toronto Star reporter wrote an article suggesting that Toronto Animal Service's dog bite statistics proved that Ontario's "pit bull" ban was working because the number of bites by "pit [...]

Ten years since the idea of an Ontario ban, nine years of its reality

Ten years ago today, on August 29, 2004, a dog bite incident in downtown Toronto set the wheels in motion for Ontario's "pit bull" ban, which was passed six months later and became effective exactly one year [...]

Wasn’t a “pit bull”? Guess we won’t freak out then!

For those of you who still don't believe that "pit bull" bites are treated differently by the media, here's a local Ontario example. On the morning of June 19, a two-year-old child (gender unspecified) was [...]

I lost by 210 votes!

Just over a week ago, I received a marketing e-mail from a particular Ontario Liberal Party candidate. This particular e-mail was entitled "I lost by 210 votes". The author was lamenting, quite rightly, the [...]

Ontario Million Mutt March: Toronto, May 3, 2014. Just in time for elections!!

Media Release  -  May 1, 2014 (courtesy of Yvette Van Veen) Ontario Dog Walk Reminds Of Missed Opportunity for Increased Safety Dog lovers in Ontario are set to converge Saturday on Queen’s Park for [...]

Where does your money go when you donate to HSUS?

According to its own 2011 tax return, The Humane Society of the United States received donations of $122 million for the year and used $38 million or 31% on salaries, compensation, and employee benefits with [...]

The true cost of breed-specific legislation

For those of you who think breed-specific legislation is only about forcing irresponsible owners to control their dogs, read this article from the UK. These are the people that are targeted by these [...]

Witch! Witch!

Earlier this year, I introduced someone to the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". When we got to the Witch scene, I was struck by the similarities between a "witch hunt" and a "pit bull hunt". I know it [...]

George Jonas vs. Barbara Kay

I've avoided making too many comments about Barbara Kay from the National Post and her campaign against "pit bulls". Frankly, I don't think she deserves the attention. It seems, however, that our friend, [...]

Is my dog a “pit bull” in Ontario?

Today, a member of one of the Internet groups that I'm on asked if a certain mix of dog has to be muzzled in Ontario. The mix was apparently of two breeds, one a bully-type breed (not specifically listed in [...]

The media’s role in breed-specific legislation

I originally wrote this article in August 2006. I'm reposting it after my radio interview today because the whole process of preparing for the interview has revived some of my thoughts on the role of media in [...]

Bill 16 clause-by-clause: surprising events

So I'm going to try to explain what happened in Ontario on May 9, 2012, in the clause-by-clause session of the Bill 16 committee and what it means for the future. First, a quick overview of what happens to [...]

Dog Bite Related Fatalities in Canada (expired)

This list has been updated and converted to a permanent page [...]

Communites that rejected BSL in 2011

In 2011, the following communities proposed and REJECTED breed specific ordinances because ordinary people like you and me took a stand against them: Aberdeen, South Dakota Beatrice, Nebraska Bristol, [...]

Statistics correction to my Toronto Star letter

I have a minor correction to the Canadian "death by dog" statistics that I quoted in my letter to the Toronto Star. Originally, I stated that 35 children had been killed by 85 dogs in Canada in the past 29 [...]

Thomas Walkom: Why Ontario’s pit-bull ban should end

Thomas Walkom was outspoken against the Ontario ban in 2004 and 2005 and was one of the voices of reason in the media at the time. It's nice to see he's still speaking out. Thanks, [...]

Bad news from Florida

Discouraging news from Florida today. Looks like SB (Senate Bill) 1322,which would have repealed the Miami-Dade breed ban, has been stalled and perhaps even killed at the subcommittee level. More info at [...]

Teenagers are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

OK, no offence to teenagers. I actually like most of them. But I really enjoyed Pound Dog's satirical look at the Toronto Star's "pit bulls are dangerous" editorial. Just in case you think you've arrived at [...]

Dog killed, woman injured in Hamilton dog attack

I'll be interested to see how much airplay and/or newsprint this story gets since the dog has been reported in both stories as a German Shepherd (rather than a pit bull). Of course, the typical accuracy of [...]

Pit bulls are dangerous and Ontario is right to ban them

Bet that got your attention! Okay, it's 2:00 in the morning and I'm way too tired to write intelligently, so I'll keep this short although, as you'll see below, I have problems keeping things short! On [...]

Mount Clemens, Michigan, is now a nice place to visit!

Mount Clemens is just north of Detroit. This is an article from the Mount Clemens Daily Tribune: Mount Clemens removes pit bulls from dangerous animal ordinance By Mitch Hotts 02/22/2012 6:48 AM The [...]

Who voted and how at Bill 16 second reading

Below is a list of every MPP in the current Ontario Legislature and how they voted during the second reading of Bill 16 on February 23, 2012. Also included is their e-mail address in case you'd like to let [...]

Bill 16 passes second reading

I'm thrilled to report that today, February 23, Bill 16 passed its second reading in the Ontario Legislature with a vote of 51 for, 26 against. I've included a list of who voted for and against. In the next [...]

New Brunswick: Provincial housing tenants have ONE WEEK to get rid of pets!

The government of New Brunswick has decided to start enforcing a law that prohibits tenants of provincial housing from owning pets, even though many of these tenants have had their animals for years. They have [...]

How a Private Member’s Bill becomes law

Randy Hillier, one of the sponsors of Bill 16, left a comment on my last blog entry that significantly increases my optimism about this bill's potential to become law, so much so that I decided to write an [...]

What’s the deal with Bill 16?

In March 2005, the Ontario government passed into law Bill 132, resulting in the new Dog Owners' Liability Act (known colloquially as DOLA) and paving the way for thousands of dogs to be confiscated and killed [...]

Dog killed by police in La Grange, Missouri, after being captured

WARNING! The following video clearly shows a dog being shot and killed by a police officer. Do not watch this video if you would prefer not to see this graphic content. For those of you who do not want to [...]

City of Brampton hires an outside lawyer

The city of Brampton has hired an outside lawyer to continue to persecute the owners of docile family pets, including a 75-year-old lady on a pension.   Original story here: [...]

Unbelievable misuse of taxpayers’ money

I have to say, I cannot recall ever seeing a city do this before.  The City of Brampton has taken out a full-page ad in their local newspaper in order to "defend" their employees' actions in [...]

Can’t travel through Winnipeg with my dog, either!

My previous post about travelling through Ontario with your dogs came about as a result of someone who wants to move from the West Coast to Nova Scotia and would like to drive there.  Obviously, unless [...]

In case anyone was wondering?

Had to look up this old letter for a friend. Decided to post it here as well. In 2005, a lady wrote to then Ontario Minister of Tourism, Jim Bradley, to find out if she could drive through Ontario with her [...]

News articles about Brampton dogs and letters to the editors

Here are all the news stories I can find about the two dogs seized in Brampton. I have also included info for writing letters to the editors of the major Toronto and national newspapers, as well as the [...]

Two boxer-crosses seized as "pit bulls" in Brampton

Brampton, Ontario, has really put their foot in it this time!  These are two more cases that really need both media and public attention, ASAP. Please read the story and then write letters to the mayor and [...]

Complicit in their own diminishment

In case you were wondering how anybody could persuade 70+ intelligent, rational, elected government representatives to define a dog as dangerous based only on they way it looks, here's a Toronto Star article [...]

Toledo’s "pit bull" law unconstitutional!

Great news! Portions of Toledo Ohio's pit bull restrictions have been struck down by a judge. [...]

Kitchener-Waterloo pit bull committee meeting minutes 1997

I saw a discussion about pit bull myths on Facebook and it reminded me of some documents I have from government meetings regarding the city of Kitchener, Ontario. In November 1996, Mr. Gary Leadston, an MPP [...]

Great article on responsible dog ownership

Here is a great article by LeeAnn O'Reilly, president of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, with whom I have worked for six years. Normally, I just provide a link to an article, but I'd like this one to [...]

Journalist with good news story ends on a sour note

Some good news out of Ontario for two condemned young dogs.  They've been shipped to the SPCA in Fredericton, New Brunswick, who hopes to adopt them out in that province. Had they stayed in Ontario, they [...]

British Columbia: Langley City pet shop dogged by parvo virus

Former employees of Doggie World have written letters and provided pictures to the SPCA, citing evidence of neglect of care for the puppies, including large breed dogs like bull mastiffs which spent all their [...]

Another dictatorship town in Canada

Carstairs, Alberta, has a dog bylaw that restricts three "breeds".  One isn't a breed at all and the other two are misspelled! They've also added the usual catch-all phrase as well, but this [...]

Ozzy: Musician, reality TV star, and now DOG BEHAVIOUR EXPERT?

Somehow, Ozzy Osbourne has morphed from bat-eating heavy metal rock star (who I thought was great) to reality TV family man to now self-appointed expert on dog breed identification and dog behaviour. Ozzy's [...]

Humane Society of United States – 2008 Tax Filing

Adding up the totals from HSUS' 2008 tax filing reveals that the "charity" spent $450,000 (just HALF of ONE percent of its total budget) in grants to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and [...]

Official Vick’s Dog Chew Toy

It's too bad I didn't find this in time for Christmas. A lot of my friends would have received it. http://www.officialvickdogchewtoy.com/ Gotta love the disclaimer at the bottom, too: DISCLAIMER: The [...]

Animal Rights reviewed (again)

I was in a bookstore yesterday browsing the pet section and came across Ingrid Newkirk's book "The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights".  For those of you who haven't heard her name, Newkirk is a co-founder [...]

Eagles name Michael Vick their Ed Block Courage Award recipient!!

The Philadelphia Eagles have named Michael Vick their Ed Block Courage Award recipient! According to the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation's website, the recipient of the award exemplifies commitments to the [...]

Facebook group "Boycott Nike"

Message from the owner of the Facebook group "Boycott Nike": "I want to remind everyone NOT to buy Nike during this holiday season. They continue to supply Michael Vick with free product but [...]

Stop Viacom and BET from airing "The Michael Vick Project"

Message from Andrew Kirschner from the group "Stop Viacom and BET from airing The Michael Vick Project": I spoke with a representative from Viacom this week who confirmed that BET will be airing [...]

No animal cruelty charges?

NANAIMO – An emaciated pit bull and her eight neglected puppies, whose teenage owners advertised them for sale on craigslist.org, are recovering at the Nanaimo SPCA. Some of the underweight, dirty and [...]

My letter to CBS about David Letterman

I sent a letter to CBS about David Letterman slamming pit bulls.  Not that I hope to get past the first level of their screening machine, but who knows? December 17, 2009 Dear CBS, Anytime David [...]

David Letterman slams pit bulls

Kyra Sedgwick was on David Letterman on December 11 and mentioned the pit bull puppy that she and husband Kevin Bacon have adopted.  Letterman then proceeded to "joke in all earnestness" about [...]

Welcome to Tom Skeldon’s nightmare!!

From the Toledo Blade (Ohio) Article published December 15, 2009 ‘Pit bull' pup freed from Lucas County Pound By JC REINDL, BLADE STAFF WRITER A puppy Monday escaped an almost certain death at the Lucas [...]

Kerry and Preacher still going!

Kerry Pakarinen and his dog, Preacher, are still walking across Canada and are still in Ontario.  They took a nine month break and restarted in September of this year.  They just passed through [...]

What if the Denver "pit bull" tribunal is wrong?

Here's a great article about Dexter, a dog originally determined to be a "pit bull" by Denver's "Pit Bull Evaluation Team".  In what amounts to an appeal process, a Denver hearing [...]

Letter to NIKE

Here is a letter sent to Nike by a friend.  I'd like to see the company's response! ----- Start of letter ----- October 2, 2009 Dear Nike, Congratulations on your decision to support Michael Vick by [...]

Dead dogs from Denver

WARNING!  The following links contain pictures of dead dogs, dogs that have died as a direct result of Denver’s ban on "pit bulls". Here is the note sent with the pictures.  I don’t want to name the [...]

Another tin-pot dictatorship I’ll never visit!!

Neguac, New Brunswick (Canada), has passed a bylaw banning “pit bulls”. Unlike most other misguided municipalities that decide to follow the “quick fix” of breed-specific legislation, Neguac has NOT [...]

Bye Bye Nike!

Further to my previous posts about Michael Vick and Nike, one in which I reported that Nike had signed Vick as an endorser and the other in which Nike denied any contract with Vick, I have now confirmed [...]

Nike denies contract with Vick

Nike is denying that they have a contract with Michael Vick. Says they "supplied product" to him. Looks like they might be backing off.  As one commenter put it, sounds like a big-mouthed agent may have blown [...]

Vick signs with Nike

According to Michael Vick’s agent, the NFL player has re-signed an endorsement contract with Nike, two years after they dropped him for his involvement in dog fighting. I will be contacting Nike to let them [...]

Attention politicians! Dog owners DO vote!

The former mayor of Paradise Newfoundland found out the hard way yesterday that not only do dog owners vote, they don’t forget.  Voters ushered in 19-year-old  university student Kurtis Coombs who [...]

The origin of breed-specific legislation

This video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while (well, at least the first four minutes): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVNcD6q_grc Thanks to Caveat, and Wag the [...]

Calgary Animal Services

Yesterday, I travelled to Nanaimo BC to attend a seminar by Bill Bruce, manager of Bylaw Services for Calgary Alberta. Putting it bluntly, Calgary has the best run Animal Services department in North [...]

Maddie, Carter, and Capone are going home!

The city of Sarnia has issued a press release saying that the three dogs from my earlier story are going to be released to their owners.  Great news! Congratulations to the city of Sarnia for listening [...]

The story of Maddie, Carter, and Capone

UPDATE Sept 21 2009: All three dogs have been determined to not be "pit bulls" and have been released to their owners.  See my update here. ORIGINAL STORY September 19 2009: The Dog Legislation Council [...]

Detailed version of Antonia’s column

Further to my entry about Antonia Zerbisias' column in the Toronto Star, her blog has the same text, but with all the links to various stories kept intact.  Makes for a more interesting [...]

Bryant and bike courier a class issue

On August 31 of this year, an incident took place in which at least one (and possibly more than one) collision between Michael Bryant's car and Darcy Sheppard, a cyclist, resulted in Sheppard's death. I [...]

The Last Will and Testament of a distinguished dog

Kleenex time, for sure. Written by Eugene O'Neill in 1940. The Last Will and Testament of SILVERDENE EMBLEM O'NEILL [...]

Kudos to Nackawic! No more BSL!

Congratulations to Nackawic town council for listening to your dog owners! There are plenty of other places in this country that could learn a thing or two from you.  We should also acknowledge the determined [...]

Congratulations to Kris, Cheyenne, Dakota, and Tahoe!

Congratulations to Kris, Cheyenne, Dakota, and Tahoe for being presented with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  Kris and her dogs are wonderful ambassadors for "pit bulls" and for service dogs of all [...]

I like this lady!

I’ve written about Nackawic, New Brunswick, and their breed-specific legislation here and here.  One of their local doctors, Dr. Maryann Bramstrup, is standing up for her dog and her rights as a [...]

Another article about Nackawic

Nice little firestorm for such a small town.  Here’s another article about their anti-pit bull anti-Rottweiler anti-mixed breed bylaw that’s been on the books since at least 2003, but is only being [...]

A history of failed breed-specific legislation

Here is an excellent article by Sara Enos, detailing the various jurisdictions that have encountered difficulty with breed-specific legislation. Add to this Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where [...]

At least they’re saying “maybe”

Nackawic is a small New Brunswick town just west of Fredericton.  Already has breed specific legislation against "pit bull terriers", Rottweilers, and any mixed-breed dogs of those types. Town has just [...]

Best Ginger story to-date

Thanks to Antonia for pointing me to this Toronto Star story which I consider to be much fairer and more accurate than the [...]

More Ginger stories

Seems to me that newspaper journalists (?) / reporters (?) don't do their own investigations anymore or write their own original fresh copy.  They just copy/paste from the newswires. None of these stories [...]

The killing of puppy 43063: Nathan J Winograd

Nathan Winograd has a very sharply and bluntly written piece about shelters that kill based on [...]

City of Toronto granted appeal in Ginger’s case

Unfortunately, the city of Toronto has been granted the right to appeal Ginger's release and the dropping of charges against her owner. Here's the quick story from National [...]

Ginger: Finally free or continuing saga?

Ginger was in a Toronto animal services kennel for three and a half years, accused of aggression after defending herself against an unprovoked attack by an off-leash dog.  She was freed a week ago after a [...]

Date change for the Toronto and Ottawa rallies

The date for the Toronto and Ottawa anti-BSL rallies has changed to July 18.  Stay tuned for more [...]

For those of you who haven’t fled Ontario

This was just posted on Facebook. Event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=88600637733&ref=nf Originating group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=90778997438 Enough is [...]

More Animal Rights quotes

I forgot a few quotes at the bottom of the previous article, so here they are.  “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals…To this day I don’t feel bonded to any non-human animal. I like them [...]

Dog owners: Please stop promoting HSUS on Facebook!

Note to pet owners: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) do not care about you or your pet. In fact, the stated objectives of both [...]

HSUS killing dogs again!

You'd think that, after their Michael Vick debacle, the so-called "Humane" Society of the United States might have reconsidered their blanket belief that all dogs seized from dogfighters should be [...]

Problem Dogs WANTED!!

Please cross post. We are searching for FOUR demonstration dogs with various issues for a "CANINE CONFLICT" seminar with Cheryl Smith and Calvin Thompson in Beeton, Ontario, Canada in May 2009 (see [...]

What’s it really like in Ontario?

I originally wrote this article on the two year anniversary of the Ontario legislation, so that's about a year and a half ago.  Considering our fundraising efforts to get to the Supreme Court of Canada, I [...]

A picture of contrast

Brooklynn, my older dog, has three Canine Good Neighbour (Citizen) certificates from the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, and the Human Animal Bond Association of Canada. She has gone through [...]

Thank you

I think people are starting to understand what this is really about! The response over the past three days has been overwhelming. Here's a partial list of contributors: NOTE: Some of these are businesses [...]

How much is your dog worth?

*** PLEASE CROSSPOST *** How much is your dog worth? How much would you give to keep your dog as part of your family? How about ONE DOLLAR? What appeared, on the surface, to be a "pit bull" issue [...]

Welcome to the new chicobandido!

Welcome to the new chicobandido site.  It's still under construction and I'm still trying to figure out why the right side shows up at the bottom on some people's computers.  Don't worry, I'll get it right [...]

Goodbye Ontario!

Recently, I made the decision to move to British Columbia. I'm flying out there, with my dogs, on February 1. [...]

Sad, angry, and frustrated

The pit bull puppy in my earlier story Animal cruelty and the Ontario government is now on her way to be cremated. She died this morning at the vet's office. [...]

Another great tribute to the Dog

When I found Eulogy on the Dog, I felt that I had found one of the best descriptions of dog's devotion to man. Now, I have been sent this wonderful piece, which is more about man's devotion to dog, after [...]

Animal cruelty and the Ontario government

I am hesitant to write this article because the dog in question appears to be of the "pit bull" type. I appreciate the sympathy that such stories generate. I am also aware that this type of incident might [...]

A good article with a few missteps

Here is a reasonably intelligent commentary on "pit bulls", albeit from an author who is admittedly biased toward this particular type of dog. Like myself, however, he wasn't always that way.You can read his [...]

Summary of Ontario committee presenters

Caveat's earlier article quoting from the Bill 132 clause-by-clause committee meeting encouraged me to go back and look at some of the data I collected during that time.Here's a summary of what types of people [...]

Their minds were made up!

If you want proof that the mind of the Ontario government was made up BEFORE the Bill 132 committee hearings, you need look no further than these comments by Conservative MPP Joe Tascona and NDP MPP Peter [...]

Pick and choose your hatred

The Government of Ontario issued a press release on November 2 stating that the focus of this year's "Crime Prevention Week" (November 4 to 10) will be eliminating racism, hate crimes, hate propaganda and [...]

An illogical leap

Craig McInnes of the Vancouver Sun wrote this article in September which initially appeared to lament the dangers of loose dogs to children.The basic premise of the first third of his story, and certainly the [...]

Media catches up

Tuesday uncovered a few more media outlets covering the story of the eleven-year-old boy ordering his dog to attack other children.I won't be so presumptious as to pretend that letters to the editors from [...]

Where is the media?

Thank you to the Toronto Star for being the ONLY paper to print this story.I was not able to find the story in any other newspaper. This incident did not happen in a small, obscure town with only one daily or [...]

Agenda? Who? Us?

The blatant media pandering to an irrational public fear is starting to get a little old.Below, I've copied all three articles from the St. Catharines Standard about a dog and woman being bitten by a "pit [...]

Dangerous and Disruptive Pets Survey

Here is a brief summary of a survery conducted by Ipsos Canada. The summary was also produced by Ipsos, so the "interesting tidbits" listed for each city have been selected by the editors of the news release [...]


As the clock clicked over to 12:00 AM, October 11, I found myself sitting in front of the TV, watching the final numbers roll in from the Ontario election. Probably the worst birthday present I've received in [...]


VOTE TODAY!Today, YOU can make a difference.YOU can change the lives of thousands of dog owners and save the lives of thousands of dogs in Ontario.To do this, you MUST: 1. VOTEIf you don't vote, don't [...]


Once upon a time, in a province called Ontario, a man named Dalton McGuinty wanted to become premier so badly that he made many promises. He said he would not raise taxes. He promised to close the dirty [...]

That’s not true. That’s not true.

Dalton McGuinty completely ignores a terminally ill cancer patient at a hospital in Ottawa.Click here if you can't see the video.How about these instead?"Dalton, you promised to close the coal [...]

Woo Hoo!

Not much leaves me speechless, but this story at CNN sure did.Based on the history of cases like this in the U.S., I was not expecting a positive outcome for the dogs.Most of Vick's dogs will go to families [...]

Comments about Lucky the Lab

I posted an earlier article about Lucky the Labrador Retriever, whose destruction was requested by the city of Thornhill after he was identified as a "pit bull".Well, over at Wag the Dog, where the same [...]

If it looks like a "pit bull" . . .

A special story for those who have recently sent in comments questioning the accuracy and truthfulness of our supposed "scare-mongering" tactics about what life is like for many dog owners in Ontario.This is a [...]

Labrador Retriever owner charged with owning a "pit bull"

One of my own biggest frustrations over the past few years has been how difficult it has been to gather dog owners of ALL breeds together. Together, we're one of the largest demographics in the country and, [...]

Miakoda’s dead

I received this letter today from East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Please read and act.Miakoda's dead. My baby. My pride & joy. Cole's best friend.......is dead. All because of some irresponsible *******. I'll got [...]

Ontario: There’s no place like this!

I'm one of the lucky ones (I guess).I've already decided that my dogs could be identified as "pit bulls" by Animal Control officers in Ontario, I've been on television, on radio, in the newspapers, and out at [...]

Important data for Ontario residents

Wag the Dog has published some very important data related to the upcoming Ontario election.The first tells you how all Members of Provincial Parliament voted on Bill 132 (the Dog Owners' Liability Act), a [...]

How will you shout from your lawn or your car?

Recently, some dog legislation group members were talking about slogans to put on lawn signs, bumper stickers, dog jackets, window decals, etc, against the Ontario Liberal party and in favour of one of the [...]

MPP’s call for police investigation of McGuinty’s government

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to vote the Ontario Liberal government out of office, here's another.ROBERT W. RUNCIMAN, MPPLeeds-Grenville PETER KORMOS, MPPNiagara CentreFor Immediate [...]

State of the Province

** PLEASE SEND THIS TO EVERY ONTARIO DOG OWNER YOU KNOW! **Preferably, you will send them the link to this article, but this is important enough that, if you need to copy/paste the text, feel free.The direct [...]

The SPCA’s view on the Lockport dog-child "sexual assault"

There is an update on Stinky Journalism regarding the original story of a dog sexually assaulting a boy in Lockport NY.The update includes the full text of the interview by Art Science Research Laboratory with [...]

Most politicians don’t know why dogs bite

I recognize that some people encourage human aggression in their dogs, including training them to intimidate or attack people.I recognize that some people encourage dog aggression in their dogs, including [...]

Finally Ontario’s Attorney General is forced to come clean

Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, finally revealed the costs to taxpayers of fighting parents of autistic children for the past seven years, but only after an Ontario Superior Court decision forced [...]

Ontario "slush fund" report due soon

Ontarians could finally learn the truth about the so-called Liberal "slush fund" controversy when Auditor General Jim McCarter releases his probe as early as today.Read the entire Toronto Star [...]

Is Dalton doing a good job? Have your say.

Angus Reid is conducting an online poll regarding the effectiveness of Dalton McGuinty as current (and soon to be ex) premier of Ontario.Vote here:IS DALTON McGUINTY DOING A GOOD JOB AS PREMIER OF [...]

Gotta use that word "pit bull"

Came across this story while reading KC Dog Blog's weekly roundup. It's a perfect example of the media's desperate need to somehow, somewhere, include the word "pit bull" in any story about dog bites.Two [...]

Titillation vs. evidence

On July 9, a story broke throughout various news organizations about a two year old boy being sexually assaulted by the family "pit bull" in Lockport NY, near Niagara Falls. I didn't discuss it here because, [...]

Ssshhh, careful what you say

Couldn't resist reprinting this report from CityNews Toronto.Apparently, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has issued a "clarification" to airport screening officers because they were taking their [...]

Subscribing to chicobandido

To subscribe to the chicobandido blog, copy/paste one of the following addresses into your news reader:Atom: http://chicobandido.blogspot.com/atom.xmlRSS: [...]

Letter to all Ontario voters

The following is a message written by Jamie MacDonald on Facebook's "Help Elect Chris Savard" Discussion Board.Chris Savard is the Progressive Conservative candidate for Stormont, Dundas & South Glengarry in [...]

Vote for Jasmine and show support for Ontario’s banned dogs

Jasmine is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier owned by a member of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. Her breed is banned in Ontario. Her owner has entered her in the Canadian "Pet Idol" contest and she has [...]

Eulogy on the dog

One of the best quotations I've ever read regarding dog's devotion to its owner.Courtesy of bartleby.comQUOTATION:Gentlemen of the jury, the best friend a man has in this world may turn against him and become [...]

Welsh Corgi mix identified as "pit bull" and destroyed

My apologies in advance to the Peterborough Examiner. I'm copying the full text of this article from their online newspaper. Unfortunately, these stories have a habit of disappearing into the "archives" and [...]

Judge does not rule on the remedy for Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act

On June 28, 2007, Justice Herman listened to arguments regarding the remedy for the Dog Owners' Liability Act. The purpose of the remedy is to determine what to do with the law, now that three portions of it [...]

Ontario Ombudsman: Government “puffery” undermines public trust

A huge thank you to Ontario Ombudsman André Marin for saying publicly (and for getting the media to publish) what I and others have been trying to say for years.This Ontario government simply does not appear [...]

Court Protocol

Please read Caveat's post regarding court protocol, written for the original court case in May 2006, but still applicable.Courtesy of Marsha Boulton, author of Wally's World available at Amazon [...]


393 University Avenue in downtown Toronto.Courtroom 904 - June 28 10:00 AMBetween Queen and Dundas on University Avenue.If you're taking the TTC, it's on the University/Spadina subway line between Osgoode [...]

Save lives – ban murder, alcohol, cars, suicide, and tobacco!

Today, I was outside having a cigarette (nasty habit, by the way) and reading my cigarette pack.According to the statistics on the package (from Health Canada), tobacco kills almost five times as many people [...]

Not "pit bulls"? Not interested!

Since I've been involved in dog legislation issues, I have seen many newspaper articles and TV stories about "pit bulls". They range from ridiculous to horrifying and everything in between.I have seen [...]

I knew these guys were bad, but this is ridiculous!

I became a reluctant political activist, specifically targeting the ruling Ontario Liberal party, because of their arrogance, because of their insolence, because of their false and misleading public [...]

Air Canada replies but doesn’t say much

Here is Air Canada's reply to my recent letter. Another example of "economics" trumping customer service. What about MY customer service?Response (Debbie Mcammond) - 06/22/2007 01:19 PMDear Mr. Barker,Thank [...]

Air Canada – fly a whole new way (petless)

Further to my previous story about Air Canada, here's my letter to them.Interestingly, after I sent them the letter, I received an automated response stating that I should receive a detailed reply within 15 [...]

Guess who I’m not flying with any more?

Air Canada will no longer carry pets on passenger flights as of July 15, 2007. According to their spokesperson, it's about "customer service" - giving non-pet-owning passengers more room for personal [...]

Killing puppies because they can

Further to my earlier story regarding the confiscated mother and puppies in Sarnia. The following letter was issued today by the president of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada. Permission was given to [...]

Newspaper headlines: how to lie and get away with it

Note to the media: If you fail to tell the whole truth, then you're still lying!!That's why the courts ask witnesses to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Omitting a crucial [...]

The power of parroting

Over the years, a number of well-meaning people, who have tried to do their own research about "pit bulls", have said to me, "But I go on the Internet, search for 'pit bull attack', and there are thousands of [...]

Sarnia and "pit bulls": city on shaky legal ground

There's a little thing going on in Sarnia, Ontario, this week that illustrates some serious problems with cities being far too eager to apply the vague, unenforceable, and unconstitutional Dog Owners' [...]

The death of the mixed breed dog

There was a time when, if asked, I would have said that only licensed, ethical breeders of registered, purebred dogs should be allowed to breed, in order to eliminate backyard breeding and puppy milling. As [...]

May I list more Liberal arrogance?

Articles from various news organizations regarding Dalton McGuinty's abrupt ending of the Ontario Legislature session three weeks early.The Globe and Mail: Ontario legislature proroguedOntario Premier Dalton [...]

More Liberal arrogance

We already have plenty of examples of arrogance from the ruling Liberal Party of Ontario, but here's another.Liberals End Session 3 Wks. Early To Concentrate On Getting Your VoteThey can "concentrate" all they [...]

Ontario residents: Bill 232 – not bad, needs some work

Bob (Robert) Runciman, the House Leader for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, has introduced Bill 232 in the Ontario legislature. It contains amendments to the Ontario SPCA Act regarding cruelty [...]

Michael’s other awards

Considering Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant's recent award from the Canadian Association of Journalists (the Code of Silence Award) for heading up "the most secretive government body in Canada", I [...]


PLEASE ATTEND COURT - THURSDAY JUNE 28 AT 10:00 AMEither 361 or 393 University Avenue in downtown Toronto.When I confirm the address and room number, I'll post it here.We want as many people as possible to be [...]

No pets please, we’re PETA(ish)!!

I know some readers are having trouble wrapping their minds around the possibility that various animal rights organizations are not only anti-breeding, but can also be anti-<place breed name here>, [...]

Attorney General of Ontario wins Code of Silence award

I may be wrong, but I think this is the first time I've seen a newspaper article about the Ontario Liberal government's "code of silence". It's about time.You can visit the Toronto Star article, but this is [...]


In a previous article, I mentioned the concept of dogs just being property, so Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels seem to think it's okay to do what you want with them.I want to make sure that readers are [...]

Definitely all brawn and no brains

It's not enough that Michael Vick is being investigated for dogfighting. Now two of his NFL co-Neanderthals are defending him.Now, considering the concept of "innocent until proven guilty", I could understand [...]

New date for Ontario legal remedy: June 28, 2007

Lawyers for both sides will be back in front of the judge on June 28, 2007.When I find out time and location, I will post it here.The basic decision of the judge, as far as I understand it, is that the [...]

When do we start asking why?

At Yahoo news, there was a small story about a dog that severed a child's ear in Surrey, British Columbia, near Vancouver, last Tuesday.The breed of the dog (Rottweiler) was mentioned five times in the tiny [...]

Get your own government grant!

Tired of watching all these Liberal cronies, both federal and in Ontario, raking in OUR cash with impunity?Want to get your hands on some of that dough?Click here to apply for your own Ontario government [...]

Animal rights? Sorry, you’ve got the wrong guy!

If I see one more newspaper article about impending anti-dog legislation describing opponents as "animals rights activists", I think I'll be throwing red paint on that reporter!To reiterate:Most animal rights [...]

Attacks on letter carriers in Winnipeg: not a "pit bull"

A pet owner in Winnipeg now has to pick up his mail four kilometres away from his house because of the animal's aggressive behaviour towards letter carriers.Here are some of the descriptions from the news [...]

The worst Canadian

The Beaver, the online magazine of Canada's National History Society, is asking Canadians to suggest the worst Canadian.I chose Michael Bryant, Attorney General of Ontario, for the following reasons.Violated [...]

Date for remedy has changed – stay tuned

UPDATE April 30June 14 will NOT be the date for the remedy. Waiting for new date from lawyer.Click here for original [...]

Date for remedy re Ontario constitutional challenge

UPDATE April 30June 14 will NOT be the date. Waiting for new date from lawyer.Lawyers for both sides will be back in front of the judge on June 14, 2007.When I find out time and location, I will post it [...]

We can spend your money and you can’t find out where or how much!

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario recently asked the province's Attorney General (of the Liberal Party) to give them some information about how much it has cost Ontario taxpayers to ban a [...]

How much public money has been wasted on the Ontario dog ownership ban?

How much public money has been wasted on the Ontario dog ownership ban?We are asking EVERY ONTARIO RESIDENT to contact their MPP and ask them how to file a Freedom of Information request with the Ministry of [...]

Voting without knowledge or understanding

Don't know how I missed this before.The Ontario committee hearings on the Dog Owners' Liability Act were a constant flow of politicians (members of provincial parliament), with no one day containing the same [...]

Pit bull owner acquitted of felony charges

Hewitt A. Grant, subject of the St. Petersburg Times story "Kennel Trash", has been convicted of 80 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and has been sentenced to 364 days in jail, 5 years of probation and 500 [...]

Full text of Ontario decision

Full text of Ontario decision now available on the Superior Court website.Decision regarding December 2006 motionDecision regarding Dog Owners' Liability ActThe lawyers from both sides will be going back in [...]

Those Born 1930-1979!

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !!First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna [...]

Ontario Legislature website changes

The Ontario Legislature has redesigned its website, making many old links invalid. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites (mostly opposed to their legislation) that often link directly to documents [...]

Guilty by association

DiscriminationIntimidationIsolationVilificationThese are but a few of the many experiences that some, if not most, owners of certain types of dogs must endure on a regular and frequent basis.As a direct result [...]

Fantino on irresponsible driving

Julian Fantino, current Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner (chief), former Toronto Police chief, former Ontario Commissioner of Emergency Management, and key supporter of Ontario's pit bull ban during that [...]

Advice from an expert

Every morning, a quotation pops up on my computer. I was particularly struck by today's."What luck for rulers that men do not think."The speaker was Adolf Hitler.As 2006 ends, I and many others have spent the [...]

Gotta love partisan politics

On Thursday, December 21, 2006, the last day before the Ontario Legislature's winter break, members of Provincial Parliament voted on two bills. I find the voting on these two bills disappointing and [...]

Petitions to the Ontario Government

From the Canadian Taxpayers Federation website, a number of petitions to the Government of Ontario, in particular to Premier Dalton McGuinty.Premier McGuinty honour your pledgeOn the 11th of September 2003 you [...]

This is why we are where we are!

I received the following comment today regarding my "Ontario Bans Pit Bulls" article. This text is copied and pasted from the original comment, including all spelling and grammatical errors."Guest what? I'm [...]

MPP’s "mad as hell" at Kormos

Over the past two years, I have truly come to appreciate Peter Kormos, Ontario MPP for Niagara Centre.As a senior member of the New Democratic Party of Ontario, Peter holds the posts of Justic Critic, Labour [...]

Ontario government accused of misleading the public

A ruling from Advertising Standards Canada has found newspaper and television ads (by the Ontario government) this fall falsely suggested that people who visited a government website or phoned a hotline could [...]

Ontario Liberals introduce 25% pay raise!

Ontario politicians plan to give themselves a 25 per cent pay increase before the legislature’s Christmas break.Read the entire story from the Toronto Star.Unfortunately, the original report from the Star [...]

Dog Owners’ Liability Act of Ontario (2005) Information Sheet

Consolidated plain language interpretation of Ontario's amended Dog Owners' Liability Act (2005), courtesy of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.Version for viewing (HTML)Version for printing [...]

Front Groups

I received a comment from Anonymous about my previous post, PETA Kills Animals!, stating that "the Center for Consumer Freedom is a front organization...(with) almost zero credibility".I do not dispute this. [...]

Bryant is bankrupting Ontario’s Legal Aid system

According to Legal Aid Ontario, grandiose "mega-trials" designed by Ontario's Attorney General, Michael Bryant, are bankrupting the Legal Aid system, which can now no longer afford to provide assistance to [...]

PETA Kills Animals!

It's been almost a month since my last post. To make up for that, I'll quote an article that's over nine months old.The Center for Consumer Freedom has been a consistent critic of extremist animal rights [...]

Browsing the web

I was recently browsing the web looking at various sites about breed-specific legislation and I came across a number of pages about Ontario, all of which I'd seen before and forgotten. So, for your reading [...]

Conservatives throw their support behind inadequate animal protection bill

I had started to put this together back in September and then decided to re-read bill S-213 before posting here.Since that time, Mark Holland, a Liberal from Ajax-Pickering in Ontario, introduced private [...]

Update on Yarmouth: Somebody’s listening

YARMOUTH (NS) — Downtown business owners have voted against a dog ban proposed by town council.Read the full story here.Although this is no guarantee that the politicians won't still do something silly, at [...]

Bryant: Legislation is overbroad

In a recent National Post news report, Michael Bryant, the Attorney General of Ontario, was quoted as saying that the federal government's new dangerous offender legislation is "too broad and will catch too [...]

Yarmouth, NS: Not anti-breed, just anti-dog!

Sigh! Another example of the movement by politicians towards completely isolating dog owners from the rest of society. Another town to add to my list of places in Canada I choose not to visit.Yarmouth, Nova [...]

Euthanasia: sugar coated extermination

As anyone who has read some of my articles knows, I have an aversion to the term "euthanasia" when referring to the killing of dogs that fit a certain physical profile.Michael Bryant (Attorney General of [...]

Our minds are made up – don’t confuse us with the facts

After listing every vote on the amendments to Bill 132 by the members of the committee, I was thinking that readers might be interested to read the entire discussion that took place on February 10, 2005, as [...]

And people worry about "pit bulls"?

I never cease to be amazed at the inhuman acts one man will do to another man or, in this case, to a woman.Wife abuser deported to Canada - National Post, September 29, 2006In case the article disappears, here [...]

Bill 132 Amendments

Here is a list of every amendment to Bill 132 proposed by every party on February 10, 2005 during the clause-by-clause voting.All Liberal amendments were carried (accepted).All Conservative and New Democrat [...]

We told you so!

Caveat has hit the nail on the head (again) in an article so subtly entitled DUDES, YOUR STUPID BAN ISN'T WORKING!Every one of these problems was predicted BY EXPERTS during Ontario's sham committee hearings [...]

Phantom "pit bulls" in Sudbury

Here we go again with another article from the Sudbury Star. What is it with this newspaper? Have they forgotten that they're supposed to be reporting the news, not making it up as they go along just to fill [...]

SEARCH & RESCUE dog not allowed in Ontario

An American recently visited Ontario to vacation and to train with his SEARCH & RESCUE American Pit Bull Terrier. This gentleman called Canada Customs prior to his visit and was assured that he could bring [...]

Help needed in Ontario NOW!

PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO ANYONE YOU WISH.The link is http://chicobandido.blogspot.com/2006/09/help-needed-in-ontario-now.html Ontario. Twice the size of Texas.Three times the size of Germany.Five [...]

Worthington: Objective reporting is not possible!

Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun has finally stunned me more than I thought possible.After reading and responding to his columns in May and July, articles that I truly believe incited hatred and [...]

It’s not my fault!

I have no intention of starting a debate as to the merits or dangers of wolf-hybrids.That just happens to be the type of animal that bit two children in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, on Thursday. It could [...]

Therapy dogs? No thanks. Not here.

This Hamilton Spectator article demonstrates the absurdity of Ontario's "pit bull" ban.A friend of mine has a 10-year-old "pit bull" type dog who is easily one of the best dogs I have ever had the pleasure of [...]

Tribute to Search and Rescue dogs

As I take a moment to reflect on the events five years ago and what's happened to our world since that moment, I'd like to pay tribute to the four-legged rescuers who save lives and give families closure, not [...]

What Michael really believes

Browsing back through some of the Hansard documents from the time when the Ontario Liberal government was introducing Bill 132 to the legislature, I came across a quote from Michael Bryant during the November [...]

Is this lady being quoted correctly?

Further to the story of the five-year-old boy bitten on the lip by a nine-month-old "pit bull / husky cross" (whatever that is).In my earlier article, I failed to mention an important point. I had included it [...]

Boy survives pit bull attack – back on bike eight hours later

The headline of a recent Sudbury Star news report screams "Boy survives pit bull attack". Here are the facts that are available from the news report which, of course, doesn't mean that they're the only [...]

Canadian Breeds and Restrictions

A recent article on Dog Politics discussed a proposal in New Jersey to require all "pit bull" owners to be photographed, pay an extra registration fee, and have signficant personal information recorded in a [...]

Pit bull or not?

I've recently run into a couple of situations that highlight an important issue from the Ontario court case.First, I recognize that there are important considerations in this case other than the ability to [...]

Neighbour hates neighbour

To the young dog owner in this Winnipeg Sun story, welcome to the world that Ontarians are living in every day! Owners of ANY breed in Ontario should be afraid of losing their dogs because of vindictive or [...]

Dog Owners’ rights are disappearing in Ontario

Please read the following articles to understand how Ontario's Bill 132, a piece of legislation that has often been called the "pit bull ban", has much more to do with all dog owners than most people [...]

One Year Anniversary Vigil in Toronto Ontario

On Sunday, August 27, there was a one year anniversary vigil at Queen's Park in Toronto Ontario. For those of you unfamiliar with the city, Queen's Park is the location of the Provincial Legislature where [...]

Ontario Labrador Retriever Ban: UPDATE

On Wednesday, Caveat posted an article describing the potential for a ban on Labrador Retrievers in the province of Ontario, already infamous for its ban on "pit bulls and anything that sort of looks like [...]

Ontario Ban turns ONE August 29

August 29, 2006, is the one year anniversary of Ontario's amended Dog Owners' Liability Act. We hope you will join us at Queen's Park (Toronto) on Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 7:00 PM. Please see the [...]

The Dalton and Michael Awards

A prestigious British business magazine owned by the Financial Times has named Premier Dalton McGuinty its world "personality of the year."Praising him as "outgoing and upbeat in that very North American way," [...]

Have they found the mythical "pit bull"?

Anyone who follows the fight against breed-specific legislation is well aware of one of the main complaints about laws aimed at the most targeted type of dog, the issue being that there is no such thing as a [...]

Animal Rights groups are a danger to you and your pet!

I generally try not to plagiarize hard-working journalists nor duplicate the efforts of other writers. I prefer to link to their articles and let you get your info directly from the horses' mouths, so to [...]

Muzzle ALL dogs, again?

I wrote an article a while ago in response to a columnist's suggestion to muzzle all dogs over 40 pounds. Now we have a contributor in the Toronto Sun suggesting to muzzle all dogs, period. Most dog bites [...]

From Good Citizen to Criminal at the Stroke of a Pen

One entry to the Toronto Sun's 2006 "guest column" competition got an honourable mention and was printed in the August 11 paper. The newspaper's title for it was "Dog Ban is the Pits".Here's the full text of [...]

10 Tips for Successful Involvement in Canine Legislation

Courtesy of the American Kennel Club and adapted for Canadian content, here are ten tips for successful involvement in canine legislation.1. Pay attention to the local news.It is important to follow your local [...]

Corporations and your buying power

In an earlier article, I introduced you to Shire, a licensed pet therapy dog working with special needs children in New Brunswick. She has been targeted by the town of Florenceville because she is a [...]

Shire Shunned – Shameful

Shire is a licensed pet therapy dog working with special needs children in New Brunswick.During her life, Shire has never done anything to cause people to dislike her, be afraid of her, or reject her. On the [...]

Dog Owner? Stand up and SAY SOMETHING!

Dogs are one of the most micro-managed properties that we own. The obvious others are cars and guns.In 2005, in Toronto alone, there were 79 homicides. Of those, 52 people were murdered by criminals using [...]

Deaths from injury in USA 2002

The National Safety Council published a report showing the odds of dying by various types of injury in the USA in 2002. I have sorted it by the number of deaths for each type of injury and excluded the odds [...]

The Media – Friend, Foe, or Impartial Watchdog?

Yesterday, in response to my various articles that have analyzed, dissected, and attacked news reports and opinion columns in the media, a friend asked me, "Why do you care what words the media uses? Why do [...]

"Pit bulls" and "animal rights" – HSUS in Florida

In the past, I have written various e-mails and articles, although not through this forum, about the under-the-table, behind-the-scenes, and sometimes not so subtle, attempts by Animal Rights organizations to [...]

Killing dogs in Florida

Without a doubt, these articles from the St. Petersburg Times in Florida are some of the hardest I've ever had to read. It took me four tries and three cigarette breaks just to get through the one entitled [...]

Toronto sticks it to responsible dog owners

When proposing the latest amendments to Toronto's dog licence fees, the authors of the proposal state that "The proposed revisions to the fee structure will continue to positively reward responsible pet owners [...]

Ontario could be worse than Denver

In response to Caveat's article pointing to Denver's breed specific ordinance, I decided to list all the cities within the province of Ontario that have their own, usually more restrictive, breed specific [...]

Peter Worthington: Master of the unresearched "fact"

In a previous post, I mused about the possibility that, in this May 18 column attacking "pit bulls" and their owners, Peter Worthington may have been guilty of defamatory libel and inciting or promoting [...]

Breed Specific Legislation – Sorta, Kinda, Maybe

Just prior to the provincial election in Nova Scotia, Rick Conrad, writer of the Petpourri column in the Halifax Chronicle Herald, posed questions about pet ownership, sale, cruelty, and breed banning to each [...]

The Best of the Best

I have to say I am in awe after reading Caveat's June 8th entryRead it at [...]

Writing a Letter to a Newspaper Editor

Eric Sparling, a freelance journalist and Staffordshire Bull Terrier owner, has written a guide on how to write an effective letter to a newspaper editor. He starts his article with the mantra "The media is [...]

Woofstock Toronto 2006

This year, Woofstock Toronto is being held in the St. Lawrence Market instead of the usual Distillery District. 40,000 dog lovers and their canine companions visit this event every year. The event is on [...]

Put your money where your (dog’s) mouth is!

The Banned Aid Coalition has been fighting the Ontario government for the past year and a half on behalf of ALL dog owners and they have been successful.Public awareness of the dangers of Bill 132 has [...]

"Reason" Enough

Congratulations to Tammy with Reason, the number one OBEDIENCE American Staffordshire Terrier in Canada for the second year in a row!Click here to read why Reason is a perfect example of BSL targeting the [...]

Muzzle ALL Dogs?

At first glance, this article by Roger LeBlanc in the Guelph Mercury appears to be positive, especially when read by "pit bull" owners who have been the sole target of the Ontario government's breed-specific [...]

More places NOT to visit in Canada

Another couple of places in Canada that have decided to get rid of their "dog problem" by getting rid of the dogs that AREN'T the problem.Florenceville, New BrunswickHome of McCain's, whose products many dog [...]

Court Report May 18 3:30pm

Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.Here is my summary of the morning of May 18.Legalities require me to tell you that I'm not a lawyer and this document contains only my interpretations of what was said in [...]

Court continues Thursday May 18

The Ontario "pit bull ban" case continues on Thursday, May 18, at 10:00 AM, not at 9:30 as originally posted.Room number is not known. Address is 361 University Avenue (at Queen). Go to information desk and [...]


Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.The case overran its time on Tuesday, so it will continue on Thursday at 9:30 for probably 2 or 3 hours. Note the change in time (not 10:00). I don't know the room number, [...]

Court Report May 16 9:30pm

Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the government overran their time, the case will continue on THURSDAY morning at 9:30 (not Wednesday) for probably 2 or 3 hours. Note the time [...]

Court Report May 16 1:30pm

Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.Here is my summary of the morning of May 16.Legalities require me to tell you that I'm not a lawyer and this document contains only my interpretations of what was said in [...]

Court Report May 15 11:00pm

Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.Here is my summary of the afternoon of May 15. My apologies for the late report. I just got home now. My attempts at "cellphone blogging" have been remarkably [...]

Court Report May 15 1:15pm

Court report courtesy of Steve Barker.Here is my summary of the morning of May 15.Legalities require me to tell you that I'm not a lawyer and this document contains only my interpretations of what was said in [...]

Update on the Barrie Bowl-a-Thon

Brief update from Lori Gray on the Barrie Bowl-a-Thon:Hey GuysI did an add up, and for the rough run through, we made 5000.00 profit! Not bad at all considering we had not as many as I hoped, and it was a [...]

Update on the Toronto Bowl-a-Thon

Brief update from Dianne Singer on the Toronto Bowl-a-Thon:Got home from the BAT a while ago, I am so impressed by Tammy Williams and her team! Great going, peeps!It was an extremely well-organized event, and [...]


There will be five fundraising Bowl-A-Thons in Ontario on Saturday (today).Details below.Cities are Barrie, Bradford, Guelph, Ottawa, and Toronto.You don't need to bowl. Just come, hang out, and have fun!See [...]

Court Reporting

I will be posting (or at least trying to post) to this blog from my cell phone during breaks in the court case on Monday and Tuesday.I hope that Caveat will also be posting at [...]

Court Address and Room#

Court case is on May 15 and 16, 2006, starting at 10:00 am each day.I would suggest getting there a lot earlier than 10:00 since it is first come, first serve re getting in.Address:Superior Court of Justice [...]

Court Protocol

Planning to attend the hearings in Toronto? Please do yourself and Banned Aid a favour and read these important notes about [...]

Ontario Constitutional Challenge – May 15 and 16

Press release from Clayton Ruby on May 8 announcing the dates for the constitutional challenge.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPRESS ADVISORYWhat?: Constitutional Challenge to Ontario's Pit Bull LegislationWhere?: [...]

Banned Aid Coalition hires Clayton Ruby

The Banned Aid Coalition has retained criminal and civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby to challenge the Ontario legislation.Banned Aid is a coalition of five dog organizations who are working together to defeat [...]

Ontario, Canada Bans "Pit Bulls"

As of August 29, 2005, no new "pit bulls" are allowed to be brought into Ontario, Canada, including visitors.Penalties:- mandatory death of the dog- up to $10,000 fine- up to six months in jailAs of October [...]

Presentation to Ontario

Here is my presentation to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. This committee was supposed to listen to all the testimony, especially that of the experts, and then make [...]