Dog owners: Please stop promoting HSUS on Facebook!

Note to pet owners: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) do not care about you or your pet. In fact, the stated objectives of both organizations is the end of ALL pet ownership!

The more time I spend on Facebook, the more I see how very few dog lovers have any idea about these two groups. People belong to Facebook groups and causes that benefit these two organizations, yet the dog lying at their feet is clearly of a breed or type that both groups say should not exist at all.

So here’s a wakeup call to all of you. I also hope that Cesar Millan reads this, since he included multiple positive references to HSUS in one of his books, despite the fact that he owns many pit bull and Rottweiler type dogs.

1. HSUS believes that confiscated fighting dogs cannot be rehabilitated and should ALL be killed.

I realize that they state on their website that they are against breed-specific legislation. Yet, their actions seem to indicate otherwise.

There are numerous stories where HSUS has intervened or testified in court cases, specifically requesting that ALL confiscated dogs be destroyed, without exception and without temperament testing. Here are just two of them:

2. The following are articles from the Winston-Salem Journal in North Carolina regarding the case of 127 seized pit bulls (which became 146 as more were born at the shelter).

I realize that there is a state law that identifies all dogs bred for fighting as dangerous and requires their destruction, so I understand that the judge probably didn’t have a choice in enforcing the law. That’s not my point here. My point is the comments of HSUS and, even more importantly, their advice to the judge that these dogs are dangerous and MUST be put down, even the puppies.

John Goodwin, the manager of animal-fighting issues for the Humane Society of the United States, said yesterday that he couldn’t recall a case in which puppies were born to dogs after the dogs were seized. Still, he said, such puppies would probably be euthanized if the owner is convicted of dog fighting.

“It’s kind of tough with the puppies, because the characteristics that the dog fighters want are selected for by breeding,” he said.

He said that the Humane Society uses an expert who could evaluate the dogs and puppies if the county decides to have them evaluated.

John Goodwin, the manager of animal-fighting issues for The Humane Society of the United States, said yesterday that a judge will decide the fate of the dogs later. The Humane Society worked for three years on the investigation, in cooperation with Wilkes County Animal Control and the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office.

Goodwin said that the dogs have been bred for fighting and it would very difficult and expensive to re-train the dogs, even the puppies, so that they could be adopted.

County officials have said that the dogs would be euthanized. Officials did not return a phone message yesterday.

“I think there’s a county ordinance that requires it,” Goodwin said. “It’s not a matter of would, could or should. It’s the law.”

A Superior Court judge this morning ordered that 127 pit bulls seized in a raid of a breeder of fighting dogs should be euthanized.

Judge Ed Wilson entered the order after hearing arguments from Wilkes County officials, from the prosecutor and from The Humane Society of the U.S. that the dogs are dangerous and would pose a risk if adopted into homes.

Wilson ordered the dogs destroyed yesterday after hearing from a prosecutor, the attorney for Wilkes County government, Wilkes County’s animal-control director and two representatives from The Humane Society of the U.S., who all called for the dogs be euthanized.

Amanda Arrington, N.C. director for The Humane Society of the U.S., and Chris Schindler, the agency’s deputy manager of animal-fighting law enforcement, both told the judge that these particular dogs have been bred for aggression. The Humane Society of the U.S. was the lead agency involved in the undercover investigation that led to the arrests.

Wilkes County Animal Control destroyed 146 pit bulls yesterday … Authorities seized 127 of the dogs in a raid on Faron’s property on Dec. 10, 2008. The rest of the dogs have been born since the raid … Representatives of The Humane Society told the judge that the dogs should be destroyed, because they had been bred for generations to be aggressive.

3. Here’s a good article by Nick Van Duren, Colorado Director for Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States:

4. The Michael Vick case.

Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS, was asked on television if he thought Vick’s pit bulls should be destroyed. His answer was yes. When, unlike the judges in all the other cases, this judge decided that the dogs should be housed and temperament-tested, HSUS then immediately asked worldwide for money to help care for these dogs, even though the local pound, the ASPCA and ultimately Best Friends rescue organization were the ONLY organizations looking after the dogs.

5. Animal rights groups in general (including both PETA and HSUS) do not believe in the use of animals by human beings for any purpose whatsoever.

They recognize that it is not realistic to demand that everyone hand their dogs in to be killed. But they do jump in whenever they can to ensure that seized or surrendered dogs don’t make it to their next potential home. They also promote mandatory spay/neuter. Those of you in favour of mandatory spay/neuter (vs. low cost spay/neuter programs and the promotion of responsible breeders) would do well to stop and think what would happen if country-wide mandatory spay/neuter was actually successful!!

Here are a number of quotes from the end of Nick Van Duren’s article:

“Anybody who shoots a pit bull running loose is justified,” Kory Nelson, Assistant City Attorney of Denver, CO, San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, June 27, 2005 (Known all over as Denver’s “Dr. Death of Dogs”)

“We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. . . One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.” Wayne Pacelle, Senior VP of Humane Society of the US, formerly of Friends of Animals and Fund for Animals, Animal People, May, 1993

NOTE: (Wayne Pacelle’s initial training was as a PeTA activist. Today he heads HSUS under the guise of “legitimacy”. It is the largest and most profitable of the animal Rightist lobbying organizations.

“Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation.” Ingrid Newkirk, national director, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), Just Like Us? Harper’s, August 1988, p. 50.

“As John Bryant has written in his book Fettered Kingdoms, they [pets] are like slaves, even if well-kept slaves.” PeTA’s Statement on Companion Animals.

“We are not especially ‘interested in’ animals. Neither of us had ever been inordinately fond of dogs, cats, or horses in the way that many people are. We didn’t ‘love’ animals.” Peter Singer, Animal Liberation: A New Ethic for Our Treatment of Animals, 2nd ed. (New York Review of Books, 1990), Preface, p. ii.

“Our goal: to convince people to rescue and adopt instead of buying or selling animals, to disavow the language and concept of animal ownership.” Eliot Katz, President In Defense of Animals, In Defense of Animals website, 2001

“It is time we demand an end to the misguided and abusive concept of animal ownership. The first step on this long, but just, road would be ending the concept of pet ownership.” Elliot Katz, President “In Defense of Animals,” Spring 1997

“The cat, like the dog, must disappear… We should cut the domestic cat free from our dominance by neutering, neutering, and more neutering, until our pathetic version of the cat ceases to exist.” John Bryant, Fettered Kingdoms: An Examination of A Changing Ethic (Washington, DC: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), 1982, p. 15.

“My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” JP Goodwin, employed at the Humane Society of the US, formerly at Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, as quoted on AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group in 1996.

“Man is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish, and unethical animal on earth.” Michael W. Fox, Scientific Director and former Vice President, Humane Society of the United States, as quoted in Robert James Bidinotto”

“We are not terrorists, but we are a threat. We are a threat both economically and philosophically. Our power is not in the right to vote but the power to stop production. We will break the law and destroy property until we win.” Dr. Steven Best, speaking at International Animal Rights Gathering 2005. The Telegram (UK) July 17, 2005.

“Arson, property destruction, burglary and theft are ‘acceptable crimes’ when used for the animal cause.” Alex Pacheco, Director, PETA

“Our nonviolent tactics are not as effective. We ask nicely for years and get nothing. Someone makes a threat, and it works.” Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA’s founder and president, US News and World Report, April 8, 2002

“I openly hope that it [hoof-and-mouth disease] comes here. It will bring economic harm only for those who profit from giving people heart attacks and giving animals a concentration camp-like existence. It would be good for animals, good for human health and good for the environment. Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA founder and president, ABC News interview April 2, 2001

 Continued in a second article

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