Humane Society of United States – 2008 Tax Filing

Adding up the totals from HSUS’ 2008 tax filing reveals that the "charity" spent $450,000 (just HALF of ONE percent of its total budget) in grants to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and cats.

I repeat – HALF of ONE PERCENT of its budget to hands-on care of dogs and cats!!

Other figures include:

$31 million on salaries

$24 million on fundraising

$20 million on "campaigns, legislation, and litigation"

$4 million to a company to count its money

$4.7 million in TOTAL grant allocations, of which almost HALF ($2.2 million) went to "Californians for Humane Farms", the main lobbying organization for California’s "Proposition 2" initiative

$450,000 to hands-on dog and cat welfare organizations

This means that AT LEAST 92 cents of every dollar donated to HSUS is spent on salaries, fundraising, lobbying, litigation, and money management.

This means that only half of one cent of every dollar goes to hands-on dog and cat welfare groups.

Please, if you want your money to help animals, donate directly to your local shelter or rescue group. At least you know where your money is going.

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3 thoughts on “Humane Society of United States – 2008 Tax Filing

  1. Thanks for the direct link, Kathy. I see that HSUS is pimping the Haiti tragedy for donations. Will HSUS use one-half of one per cent to help the Haitian animals? More? Less?

    Remember how HSUS tried to use the Vick dogs to suck money, while calling for their deaths?

    And HSUS used Fay the tragic “pit bull” to suck money, and got mauled by bloggers until HSUS gave a pittance to the rescue actually paying Fay’s bills?

    HSUS will never be spending my money, because I won’t give HSUS one cent.

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