Facebook group "Boycott Nike"

Message from the owner of the Facebook group “Boycott Nike”: “I want to remind everyone NOT to buy Nike during this holiday season. They continue to supply Michael Vick with free product but refused to send me free sneakers for the volunteers at my local animal shelter. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same. Thank you.”

Stop Viacom and BET from airing "The Michael Vick Project"

Andrew Kirschner from the group “Stop Viacom and BET from airing The Michael Vick Project” spoke with a representative from Viacom this week who confirmed that BET will be airing the Michael Vick Reality Project. As you know, $Vick$ signed a “lucrative contract” (undisclosed terms) to star in his own reality show. It is time for us to prepare to boycott the show’s commercial sponsors.

No animal cruelty charges?

An emaciated pit bull and her eight neglected puppies, whose teenage owners advertised them for sale on craigslist.org, are recovering at the Nanaimo SPCA. No charges are expected to be filed.

Dead dogs from Denver

WARNING! The following links contain pictures of dead dogs, dogs that have died as a direct result of Denver’s ban on “pit bulls”.

Bye Bye Nike!

In my opinion, there is one business reason and one business reason only for Nike to provide Vick with their brand name apparel and that’s in the hopes that he will wear it publicly, particularly on television.

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