Where does your money go when you donate to HSUS?

According to its own 2011 tax return, of the $122 million in donations it received that year, The Humane Society of the United States gave less than ½ of 1 percent (.5%) to “hands on pet shelters” who were involved with the “daily care, adoption, and/or rehabilitation of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses”. On the other hand, 31% went to salaries and benefits. 42% went to marketing, advertising, fundraising, and lobbying.

Journalist with good news story ends on a sour note

Some good news out of Ontario for two condemned young dogs. They’ve been shipped to the SPCA in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It’s a shame that Shawn Berry from the Daily Gleaner felt it necessary to end the story by quoting from the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeals judges. In my opinion, it is probably one of the most inaccurate and inflammatory statements ever put into print by a judge about “pit bulls”.

Animal Rights reviewed (again)

I was in a bookstore yesterday browsing the pet section and came across Ingrid Newkirk’s book “The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights”. I didn’t buy it, although I still may. What I did do, however, was collect all my earlier articles on animal rights organizations. Here is what I’ve collected to-date.

Dog owners: Please stop promoting HSUS on Facebook!

Note to pet owners: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) do not care about you or your pet. In fact, the stated objectives of both organizations is the end of ALL pet ownership!

HSUS killing dogs again!

You’d think that, after the Michael Vick debacle, the so-called “Humane” Society of the United States might reconsider their blanket belief that all dogs seized from dogfighters should be killed. Well, apparently not!

The death of the mixed breed dog

There was a time when, if asked, I would have said that only licensed, ethical breeders of registered, purebred dogs should be allowed to breed, in order to eliminate backyard breeding and puppy milling. As with most absolutes, I have gradually been forced to re-examine…

No pets please, we’re PETA(ish)!!

I know some readers are having trouble wrapping their minds around the possibility that various animal rights organizations are not only anti-breeding, but can also be anti-<place breed name here>, anti-dog, and anti-pet. So, I’m going to try again. Not all animal rights organizations are…


In a previous article, I mentioned the concept of dogs just being property, so Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels seem to think it’s okay to do what you want with them. I want to make sure that readers are perfectly clear where I stand on…