Animal Rights reviewed (again)

I was in a bookstore yesterday browsing the pet section and came across Ingrid Newkirk’s book “The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights”. I didn’t buy it, although I still may. What I did do, however, was collect all my earlier articles on animal rights organizations. Here is what I’ve collected to-date.

David Letterman slams pit bulls

Kyra Sedgwick was on David Letterman on December 11 and mentioned the pit bull puppy that she and husband Kevin Bacon have adopted. Letterman then proceeded to “joke in all earnestness” about the killer nature of these dogs.

Bye Bye Nike!

In my opinion, there is one business reason and one business reason only for Nike to provide Vick with their brand name apparel and that’s in the hopes that he will wear it publicly, particularly on television.

Vick signs with Nike

According to Michael Vick’s agent, the NFL player has re-signed an endorsement contract with Nike, two years after they dropped him for his involvement in dog fighting.

A good article with a few missteps

Here is a reasonably intelligent commentary on “pit bulls”, albeit from an author who is admittedly biased toward this particular type of dog. Like myself, however, he wasn’t always that way.You can read his story at: In general, this is a well-articulated discussion of…

An illogical leap

Craig McInnes of the Vancouver Sun wrote this article in September which initially appeared to lament the dangers of loose dogs to children.The basic premise of the first third of his story, and certainly the gist of the headline, is that a child, when walking…

Media catches up

Tuesday uncovered a few more media outlets covering the story of the eleven-year-old boy ordering his dog to attack other children.I won’t be so presumptious as to pretend that letters to the editors from myself and others made a difference. It’s probably just the rest…