Ginger: Finally free or continuing saga?

Ginger was in a Toronto animal services kennel for three and a half years, accused of aggression after defending herself against an unprovoked attack by an off-leash dog.  She was freed a week ago after a judge determined that she had been held illegally for over three years!  Today, we find out if the city of Toronto will be allowed to appeal that decision.

I had the privilege of meeting Philip Huggins and his mother in Toronto three weeks after the incident.  None of us had any idea at the time just how far this case would go.

I and the Dog Legislation Council of Canada chose to not got involved in this case in order to focus on the existing constutional challenge to the Ontario legislation.  It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make and one that I still look back on with uncertain feelings.

Here’s the Toronto Star story from today:

Stay tuned for updates.

2 thoughts on “Ginger: Finally free or continuing saga?

  1. I can’t believe this!!!! Why are we required to muzzle our dogs when even in an unprovoked attack, one, leaves our dogs unable to defend themselves, and two, if something does happen, our dogs are STILL to blame?

  2. To force this poor animal to live in a kennel all of these years, and when finally released the City is appealing it? This is completely asinine, and cruel beyond words. Its hard to believe a muzzled dog is blamed for being attacked! Where has common sense and morality disappeared to?

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