What if the Denver "pit bull" tribunal is wrong?

Here’s a great article about Dexter, a dog originally determined to be a "pit bull" by Denver’s "Pit Bull Evaluation Team".  In what amounts to an appeal process, a Denver hearing officer ruled in early October that all three members of that "Evaluation Team" had been wrong!

Now, if you’ve followed my blog at all, you’ll know that I am of the opinion that the "identification problem" or "vagueness" is a red herring and misses the point of the real issue.

The question that should be asked is not how anyone can identify a "pit bull", but rather why?

Why should anyone identify any dog’s breed or genetic makeup for the purpose of legislatively singling it out from all other dog types?"

That said, any time someone makes these "gods" of breed identification look like idiots, I’m all for it!

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