Letter to NIKE

Here is a letter sent to Nike by a friend.  I’d like to see the company’s response!

—– Start of letter —–

October 2, 2009

Dear Nike,

Congratulations on your decision to support Michael Vick by providing him with free Nike apparel and shoes. You sent a powerful message that you support professional athletes even if they torture, electrocute, hang, and kill dogs if they can still make you money. I know, I know, everyone deserves a second chance and everyone makes mistakes. It’s not like he killed people, right? Or at least not yet although evidence on animal abusers indicates that’s what he’ll do next. I’m sure the dogs didn’t feel it when he shot them in the head anyway.

Hey listen, I have a favor to ask. I volunteer at a local animal shelter. We try to rescue dogs by finding them safe and loving homes so Michael Vick doesn’t shoot and kill them. Our feet get really messy when we step in dog feces and walk through urine in their cages. We go through a lot of sneakers and we don’t have million dollar NFL contracts to buy new ones. Since you had no problem giving away sneakers to a “person” who killed dogs, I’m sure you’ll have no problem doing the same for volunteers who work to save them, right?

I know you’re busy enslaving children in your sweatshops in Asia but when you have some time, please mail me 100 pairs of Nike sneakers so I can give them to the volunteers at the dog shelter. I’ll give you two weeks. If I don’t receive them by October 15, I’ll go to the media with my story. I can’t imagine that will be good for your “company”.

After you send the sneakers, go to WalMart and buy some Clorox. You need to wash your hands. You’ve got blood all over them.



(I didn’t tell them that I’ll be throwing the sneakers in an outdoor playpen for the dogs to use as toys, if they send them. I’ll keep you posted.)

—– End of letter —–

4 thoughts on “Letter to NIKE

  1. Wow! Somebody’s got a bag’ on!
    Whilst I don’t really get involved in campaigns like this I find it very important to let the culprits know what they are doing. Imagine the face of the person reading this letter after opening it.
    How about sending the ‘athlete’ a copy of this letter?
    Yes please…keep us updated. I would love to hear their response.

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