News articles about Brampton dogs and letters to the editors

Here are all the news stories I can find about the two dogs seized in Brampton.

I have also included info for writing letters to the editors of the major Toronto and national newspapers, as well as the Brampton Guardian.

Some advice on writing a letter to the editor:

  1. Don’t rant. Make your points clear and short, the shorter the better. Short gets printed. Rants don’t (usually).
  2. Don’t go overboard in your letter (i.e., try not to make everyone think that all dog people are raving lunatics, even if we are). Also, you’re less likely to get printed if you look like a radical.
  3. Stick to facts and make SURE they’re correct.
  4. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. Please double-check and triple-check your letters. If you’re not good at editing your own work, then ask someone else to look it over.
  5. Always include your name, address, and telephone number(s) in a letter to the editor.

Note that the families have been granted an extension past February 5, so the dogs are NOT going to be killed on that day.

Here are the stories and the contact info:


Brampton Guardian

Jan 29:

Feb 2:

Toronto Sun

Feb 3:

Toronto Star

Feb 2:

Feb 3:

Globe and Mail

Feb 3:

National Post

No stories yet.

Letters: (fill in form)


4 thoughts on “News articles about Brampton dogs and letters to the editors

  1. The very fact that these articles have comments debating “are they? aren’t they? they’re this…they’re that…” proves the stupidity of breed specific legislation.

    Judging a dog by its shape is as ignorant and vicious as judging a person by their skin colour.

  2. Do you beleive this , young Gangstas are overpowering Toronto with hand guns and they are worried about this ?

  3. Terry,

    There are causes all over the world. It’s not up to you to decide what cause is more deserving of volunteers. If this isn’t your cause then go fight for yours.

  4. I think Terry meant why should Brampton animal control and city councillors worry themselves about these dogs when there are far more important social ills to work on.

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