Letter to Montréal city councillors

Dear Sir/Madam:

Three months after offering assistance and experience to Mayor Coderre in drafting an effective animal control bylaw, we find ourselves in the same position again – offering help and hoping for a reasonable and personal reply.

How a Private Member’s Bill becomes law

Randy Hillier, one of the sponsors of Bill 16, left a comment on my last blog entry that significantly increases my optimism about this bill’s potential to become law, so much so that I decided to write an updated article about it.

Stop Viacom and BET from airing "The Michael Vick Project"

Andrew Kirschner from the group “Stop Viacom and BET from airing The Michael Vick Project” spoke with a representative from Viacom this week who confirmed that BET will be airing the Michael Vick Reality Project. As you know, $Vick$ signed a “lucrative contract” (undisclosed terms) to star in his own reality show. It is time for us to prepare to boycott the show’s commercial sponsors.

No animal cruelty charges?

An emaciated pit bull and her eight neglected puppies, whose teenage owners advertised them for sale on craigslist.org, are recovering at the Nanaimo SPCA. No charges are expected to be filed.

Calgary Animal Services

Yesterday, I went to Nanaimo BC to attend a seminar by Bill Bruce, manager of Bylaw Services for Calgary Alberta. Putting it bluntly, Calgary has the best run Animal Services department in North America. Here’s a quick overview.

Kudos to Nackawic! No more BSL!

Congratulations to Nackawic town council for listening to your dog owners! There are plenty of other places in this country that could learn a thing or two from you.

Problem Dogs WANTED!!

We are searching for FOUR demonstration dogs with various issues for a “CANINE CONFLICT” seminar with Cheryl Smith and Calvin Thompson in Beeton, Ontario, Canada in May 2009.

Sad, angry, and frustrated

The pit bull puppy in my earlier story Animal cruelty and the Ontario government is now on her way to be cremated. She died this morning at the vet’s office.

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